Tell Us Your #HolidaySurvival Tips! Plus, Enter Our @SheSpeaksUp Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 10.19.16
Tell Us Your #HolidaySurvival Tips! Plus, Enter Our @SheSpeaksUp Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Holidays can be all about food, family, friends, and hopefully, fun. But let's face it. holiday season can also be stressful...

When will I have time to bake? Will the crazy in-laws get along? How do I not gain 10 pounds in the next month? What will the kids do with all those days off of school? So much to think about!

Which is why we are asking for your best Holiday Survival Tips. Your advice can be about family, entertaining, food, health, or whatever helps you get through the holiday season. Both big or small ideas, we want to hear them all! Tell us in the comments section below - we will randomly select three winners who will each get a $25 Amazon gift card!

In addition, our favorite tips will be featured in a future SheSpeaks newsletter. As a thank you, we'll give a $25 Amazon gift card to the commenters we feature!

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  • Chelsndean By Chelsndean

    Wine, wine, and more wine!!!

  • Demarionaya By Demarionaya

    I work in childcare and have three amazing kids, two fur babies and an inspiring husband who is retired Army. Holidays around my home are beautifully hectic. My kids are 14, 11, and 4. Recently, we experienced a bit of a set back and had to take a time out. We had one of those months. We were pretty sure we had a group of gremlins at one point. Most of our appliances quit working at the same time. Our dishwasher took a break from dishes. Our microwave began smoking and set the fire alarm off. The metal bar in the bottom of our oven, that heats the oven up? Yeah. That snapped in half. Our washer began leaking out of the back and our dryer completely stopped working. That led to almost two months of laundromat fun. We recovered and bought all new appliances. If there is anything we learned about surviving the holidays, the main thing we learned is to be thankful for what you have.

  • Amy197612 By Amy197612

    i substitute some of my ingrediants to cut down on extra fats during the holidays.

  • jvalbooks By jvalbooks

    Planning ahead helps so much. Any food that can be bought and prepared ahead of time works. Having activities for all the kids to do, including the older ones helping the younger ones makes things smoother. And remembering to breathe!

  • NysDTx By NysDTx

    Drink plenty of wine LOL!

  • misti911 By misti911

    Make sure you have everythigng you need ahead of time to avoid last minute runs to the store

  • OoOoCaSsiEoOoO By OoOoCaSsiEoOoO

    My holiday survival tip would be to shop early, prep in advance and surround yourself with people who make you smile.

  • jj_girlie By jj_girlie

    Drink! A lot!

  • sarah88 By sarah88

    Don't stress or worry and spend time with family enjoying every moment

  • kuchick By kuchick

    Do what is best for you immediate family. We have four kids and even though parents and in laws sometimes have opinions about when and where we should be my husband and I know that we must do what is best for us and our four kids. Even if that means sometimes those outside of our house aren't super happy with us. It makes our flow better.

  • millit By millit

    Simply be grateful for where you are at and who you are with.

  • aleslie1204 By aleslie1204

    My survival tip is to start early and make a list to make sure you don't forget anyone.

  • leepieper By leepieper

    Oh the relaxing, stress free holiday season! Not! A few quick tips would be: take time for yourself during all the planning and get togethers, make as much food as possible ahead of time,and enlist the help of others,especially kids,when cooking and decorating. But my biggest tip would be to remember those who are alone this season. Not all of us have family left to spend the holidays with. There's nothing that'll make you and them feel better than taking time to say hello to others, volunteering at shelters and soup kitchens,and spending time just being a friend to others.

  • cdmtx65 By cdmtx65

    My #1 holiday survival tip is ... Don't stress ! have fun :)

  • linnzie By linnzie

    Normally I'd post about making food ahead of time,eating right,or getting extra you time during the holidays. But my whole perspective has changed. I lost both my parents last week,both in their 50s and suddenly,and there's one tip to me that stands above all else. SPEND EVERY SECOND YOU CAN WITH THOSE YOU LOVE. Busy season or not, make time. Do small things to make them smile,and create memories that'll last forever. Don't get too caught up in the holiday preparation that you forget. Nothing is more importan.

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