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Tell Us Your #HolidaySurvival Tips! Plus, Enter Our @SheSpeaksUp Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Tell Us Your #HolidaySurvival Tips! Plus, Enter Our @SheSpeaksUp Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Holidays can be all about food, family, friends, and hopefully, fun. But let's face it. holiday season can also be stressful...

When will I have time to bake? Will the crazy in-laws get along? How do I not gain 10 pounds in the next month? What will the kids do with all those days off of school? So much to think about!

Which is why we are asking for your best Holiday Survival Tips. Your advice can be about family, entertaining, food, health, or whatever helps you get through the holiday season. Both big or small ideas, we want to hear them all! Tell us in the comments section below - we will randomly select three winners who will each get a $25 Amazon gift card!

In addition, our favorite tips will be featured in a future SheSpeaks newsletter. As a thank you, we'll give a $25 Amazon gift card to the commenters we feature!

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Update: Thanks to all for entering! Congratulations to our winners: SheSpeaks members Nikki61080, tlm2453, desio1230.

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  • Srose2357 By Srose2357

    My holiday survival tips are to make time for family and not focus so much on all of the good deals company's put out during the holidays. Another big tip would be to make sure you eat breakfast even a small one on large dinner holidays. If you eat a decent breakfast you have less of a chance of stuffing yourself at dinner time. The last tip would be to relax. So many times people are stressing about having the perfect holiday setup and getting everything right, but it's not as important as you think. If you relax and are happy it makes for a much better time for those around you and for yourself.

  • EnticingHealthyEating By EnticingHealthyEating

    My holiday survival tip is to keep consistent with your workouts and healthy eating. Of course it's fine to indulge in the sweet holiday treats coming out this time of year, but it's important to stay diligent with your movement so you feel like you're in tip-top shape for the holiday gatherings!

  • demure79 By demure79

    My holidays are basically stress free. It's only myself and my 2 adult children, so it's pretty easy. To avoid any stress from shopping, I do ALL of my gift shopping online throughout the year.

  • marsem11 By marsem11

    My holiday survival tips are to take it one day at a time. If you feel like you failed one day start over the next with a positive attitude. I also try my best to stick with my routine of walking every morning. I feel like if I continue to walk and drink lots of water treating myself to a holiday treat isnt so wrong.

  • tara19652006 By tara19652006

    Have guest bring part of the meal

  • lszymoniak By lszymoniak

    Less can be more. I know too many people who spend far too much time and money decorating for the holidays. Sometimes a few select, unique decorations can more than make up for not having every inch of your house decorated. Keep costs down and you'll have more money for gifts.

  • susitravl By susitravl

    We quit inviting hateful and negative family members to holiday functions. It's been GREAT!!!! No more stressful holidays.

  • mervissa By mervissa

    Bake with organic and nonGMO ingredients!

  • victoria8310 By victoria8310

    My holiday survival tip is to enjoy time spent with the family. Eat in moderation so that you don't overload yourself.

  • cusesoftie By cusesoftie

    My holiday survival tip is to make all pies and baked goods the day before Thanksgiving. These items usually take a lot of preparation and time in the oven. It always feels good to get them over with so that I can concentrate on the bulk of the meal on Thanksgiving Day.

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