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  • Author image By kboulton28
    01.24.18   Edit

    I make mine the same, but I substitute the white rice with brown, & I make my own sauce from a can of tomato soup, different spices, water, & beef boulion powder. They are delicious.

  • Author image By jtremblay143
    10.23.17   Edit

    This looks so easy and so delicious. My husband has been wanting to try this but without cream of mushroom soup that some people use and this one is perfect it doesn't require it.Thanks

  • Author image By Lindz8900
    04.18.16   Edit

    I made these with green peppers and they were very easy to make and they turned out perfect!!

  • Author image By cheryllo
    02.19.14   Edit

    I made these for my husband and he LOVED them. They were super easy, just like it says, and they came out perfect !

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