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  • Joannahoy By  Joannahoy    

    White chocolate

    The Starbucks white chocolate mocha drink is a delicious treat, or for every day drinking. It has a rich, yummy taste. Definitely recommend.

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  • MzRenee By  MzRenee    

    Love this product...A real pick me up in the morning..I would highly recommend this one

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  • Mfetheridge91 By  Mfetheridge91    

    My favorite Starbucks frapachino

    This is one of my favorite drinks from starbucks. It's the right amount of sweetness but not too sweet.

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  • Connie1963 By  Connie1963    


    It's really super delicious and love the variety flavors.It's a good eye opener,I really love it.

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  • haboobafoofo By  haboobafoofo    

    Mama's treat

    This used to be more treat! Get it hot or as a frap. I get it with skim milk and no whip and its so good without the guilt!

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  • mamaofgals By  mamaofgals    

    Best Starbucks frappe ever! The rich coffee flavor mixed with white chocolate give this drink a full flavor experience!

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  • Phaedrakeat By  Phaedrakeat    

    Magical coffee concoction

    This was my go-to drink for a very long time. I used to enjoy the peppermint white chocolate mocha during Christmas time. There is just something magical about the mixture of the great roasted Starbucks coffee and the white chocolate that makes everything seem warm and fuzzy. Its certainly a drink you could get lost in thought over.

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  • Lroma55 By  Lroma55    

    This is my favorite drink from Starbucks! I always get it iced.

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  • paisleybaby131 By  paisleybaby131    


    I personally love it. But I would add an extra shot of espresso.

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  • ima_lil_galaxy By  ima_lil_galaxy    

    WAY TOO sweet! It's the worst thing you could ever get on the menu. I used to work as a barista and know that this is by far the worst thing you can consume, especially when you add raspberry syrup. You're putting your body into a sugar coma. I don't taste the coffee at all in it. I would only get one pump of syrup and actual cold shots of espresso.

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  • hca2b3 By  hca2b3    

    This is one my Top 5 drinks from Starbucks. Love it!

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  • jacezara23 By  jacezara23    

    Oh how this is my favorite drink at Starbucks whenever I go! I am actually craving for one right now! If it only Starbucks weren't so far away! It is definitely chocolatey goodness!

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  • clair_brodie By  clair_brodie    

    I enjoy white chocolate mocha drinks from most places. I like Starbucks version well enough but their hot coffee drinks always seem to be too dark in roast or too bitter for me even with flavors added to them.

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  • Burch3 By  Burch3    

    I used to work at Starbucks and this was the most requested drink. It is so good. It's hard to not go home everyday without one.

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  • nikkismith By  nikkismith    

    The white chocolate mocha is great both Hot or cold. I prefer it Hot, the frozen type is just like a milk shake, rich and creamy and very filling. Greta for a Hot summer day

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