Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha

Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha

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Won't buy these products after hearing about the incident with our soldiers.

WAY TOO sweet! It's the worst thing you could ever get on the menu. I used to work as a barista and know that this is by far the worst thing you can consume, especially when you add raspberry syrup. You're putting your body into a sugar coma. I don't taste the coffee at all in it. I would only get one pump of syrup and actual cold shots of espresso.

Not a big fan of the White Chocolate Mocha. It was good, but not the best iced coffee that I have ever had.

Yummy goodness I've seen some reviews saying they prefer Peet's. I too prefer Peet's but Starbucks is pretty dope! Especially this drink- I don't order for myself because too much sugar for me, but my fiancé gets it and I've tasted it. Pretty yummy!

Tastes great, but too pricey!

I enjoy white chocolate mocha drinks from most places. I like Starbucks version well enough but their hot coffee drinks always seem to be too dark in roast or too bitter for me even with flavors added to them.

I think that the White Chocolate Mocha is a real good drink if you like a sweet drink. I am not fond of a real sweet drink, but that is just my opinion. So for me it is just ok.

I think it's a really good drink from Starbucks but my all time favorite has to be the vanilla bean yum!

okay I much prefer Peet's but this is not bad. They are too expensive for me though.

This has always been my favorite thing from Starbucks. I love the flavor and the taste is amazing. I am not a big fan of most large chain coffee franchises but I will definitely go out of my way to find a Starbucks just for this!

Starbucks coffee is always a treat and White Chocolate Mocha is perfect for mid-day. It is not cheap so on the rare occasions I splurge this one has made the cut a few times.

The white chocolate mocha is great both Hot or cold. I prefer it Hot, the frozen type is just like a milk shake, rich and creamy and very filling. Greta for a Hot summer day

Nice! I tried this flavor a while back and it was pretty good! It tasted great! I would get it again but it isn't a new favorite.

When I'm in the mood for coffee this is what I get! Delicious!

I love Starbucks. The White Chocolate Mocha is so good. It's rich & creamy and has a great chocolate flavor. A great treat for the holidays.