Starbucks Wants To Make Your Coffee-Run Even More Convenient

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Nov 11, 2019


If you have a favorite barista who knows your name and order before you walk in the door each morning, then Starbucks’ new store format is for you. The coffee chain is opening a new type of store called “Starbucks Pick-Up” that will cater to those of us on the go that just have just a couple minutes to grab a cup of joe.

CNN Business reports about Starbucks’ new business model that will be a fraction of the size of your regular Starbucks cafe and depend heavily on orders placed on the Starbucks App. The “Starbucks Pick-up” store is not meant to replace the larger regular cafe we are used to, but will fill a need for customers who are strictly on a coffee run before or during work and don’t want to sit around sipping a warm beverage.

The new stores will be roughly half the size of the regular cafes and will not offer seating. Instead, Kathryn Young, the company's vice president of urban markets, describes the new store as a way for customers to get “predictable and effortless” coffee service while handling their busy day to day schedules. The newly designed store is brighter and more modern looking than your average Starbucks store and has a digital signage board to let customers know exactly when their order is up.

Though customers are encouraged to use the app at these new stores for faster and more efficient service - there are still baristas around to take your order. And if you’re unsure of how to use the app, baristas will assist customers in this as well. The “Pick-Up” store is currently opening in New York City, but if all goes well, there are plans to expand to more locations across the country.

What do you think of Starbucks’ new “Pick-Up” store that will pretake orders via their app?

Would you go to a Starbucks with this type of a business model?

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