Softsoap Body Butter Scrub Coconut

Softsoap Body Butter Scrub Coconut

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Good for the whole family! My family loves this exfoliating scrub, it's not too rough, doesn't feel like sandpaper lol! We all use it. Does the job quit well.

Love it! I love using this body scrub as it leaves my skin smooth and smelling great! I got this for around two dollars and it worked really well with my sensitive skin.

I love this body wash ebacsur it he scrub in it. I need to combine my steps because I have lot time to get ready and I want to look good and have soft skin everyday

Affordable Luxury. It's a pretty good product. It's a very mild exfoliant, smells nice and is very affordable.

Softsoap body butter scrub Perfect summer scrub! This stuff smells amazing and love the way it makes my skin feel after a day at the beach. The sun tends to make my skin feel dry and tight...Softsoap body butter scrub is not harsh and gives me just the right amount of cleansing. The clean coconut scent keeps that summer feeling going!

Great product! Helps with dry skin and gives you that refreshed feeling after a shower

my husband loves this stuff! it smells great and makes out skin so soft!

Although I'm a big olay fan, this stuff is really affordable in comparison. I love the smell of it. It reminds you of a tropical drink. Yummm! It does exfoliate well, however its not as moisturizing as I would like. I do find myself having to use additional moisturizer. Meaning in the summer or warmer months its great not so much in the winter.

LOVE this stuff! It smells fantastic and feels nice on my skin. And most times you can find it for a decent price

I've gotten this a while back and liked it. The things in it that make your skin soft and the nice smell of this. I love the texture of this body wash too. This is a winner!

Tropically delicious for your skin. Consistency is thick but not too thick. Goes on smooth, only a little bit needed. Love how I feel afterwards. Not dried out or oily and greasy. Smells is Scentalicious.

This is a cleanser I can use every day. It does not exfoliate so is not harsh to you skin but helps in getting your skin squeaky clean. I love the scent, and have found that by using it, it hydrates my skin by opening the pores,

I love that this product is a shower scrub, and also smells good instead of like a harsh cleansing product.

I love the way my skin feels and smells after using this.

I love the way my skin feels after using this! The coconut smells amazing and I really like how hydrating this is for my skin.