SheSpeaks Up About Charity: Water

   By drodriguez  Dec 18, 2009

During the holiday season it is so easy to get caught up in worrying about giving the perfect gifts or making a tasty feast that we forget what the less fortunate are facing in their day to day lives.  It’s shocking to think that almost 1 billion people around the world do not have access to one of our most important basic needs: clean drinking water.  Water that is contaminated and unsafe accounts for 80 percent of all sickness and disease in this world.  Drinking dirty water kills more people, many of them children under the age of 5, each year than all forms of violence and war.

It’s easy for us to overlook this issue when we have only but a few feet to walk to access clean and clear drinking water from our kitchen sinks.  The problem becomes all too clear when we hear that many women and children around the world must walk up to 30 miles each day to find somewhat clean water for their families.  Imagine all of the learning and meaningful work that could be done in that time if these women and children did not have to walk these long hours each day.  With the help from all of ourSheSpeaks members we would like to make a positive change in the lives of many. 

SheSpeaks has teamed up with a non-profit organization called Charity: Water and begun our own campaign to raise $5,000 in order to provide resources to drill and build a well for clean drinking water.  Just one of these wells will provide clean and safe drinking water for 250 people or more for up to 20 years.  The clean water exists in every community, there just needs to be funding in order to get to the water which runs deep below the ground.

With about 70 days left of the campaign, SheSpeaks has already raised more than $1,300 toward our goal of $5,000.  You can track our progress at the Charity: Water SheSpeaks page.  And if you can’t give than be sure to talk to your friends and family about the campaign.  Sites like Twitter and Facebook are invaluable when it comes to getting the word out, so go ahead and Tweet about it.  SheSpeaks has made it easy for you to get the word out.  Log in to your member account to find out all the ways you can spread the word to clean the water.  As a bonus, the first 50 bloggers who dedicate a blog to this campaign will receive a free Charity: Water bracelet.

What do you think of the SheSpeaks campaign to provide clean and safe drinking water to people around the world?

Is this a type of charity that interests you?

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mshanna56 by mshanna56 | RACINE, WI
Oct 18, 2010

thanks shespeaks for what you are doing.keep up the good work.

stargazer534 by stargazer534 | louisville, TN
Aug 28, 2010

It begins with "us" we tend to have the role, of dishwasherand cook, and washing, and most of us know how to save money and take care of situations, that men seem rather dumbfounded at!

Alyssarae92293 by Alyssarae92293 | BOYNTON BEACH, FL
Dec 29, 2009


mommys3angels by mommys3angels | Pepperell, MA
Dec 23, 2009

This is just one more reminder of how many things we take for granted in our lives - it's a great cause and I've heard of some colleges engaging their students in this cause by having teams of students design, raise the money for, and actually build wells. What a great way to gain real world experience and help at the same time.

mardel by mardel | SCHAUMBURG, IL
Dec 22, 2009

I agree that water is being used very irresponsibly by all. We take for granted that we are fortunate enough to have access to clean and safe drinkable water when other countries barely have enough water to grow their own food. SheSpeaks is doing an honorable thing by trying to help this charity!! Thanks

princesshannasmommy by princesshannasmommy | Winchester, VA
Dec 21, 2009

Everyone deserves clean drinking water Something some of us take for granted.So much water is wasted everyday!

macito by macito | North Bend, OH
Dec 18, 2009

This charity interests me because with water being the most essential things to survive, it's important that everyone has clean water to drink!