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  • Murraymimi223 By  Murraymimi223    

    Not a big fan

    I'm not a big fan of Revlon liquid eye liners. Doesn't go precise and it smears. And it's watery. I think this product could use some tweaking.

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  • kmoran By  kmoran    

    I have been using it for a week now and it is one of my favorite drug store liquid liners. Lasts all day and doesn't fade so terrible.

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  • SandyEggo By  SandyEggo    

    Get or Die Liner

    Amazing liquid eyeliner and I have been using it almost daily for years. I have never had an issue with this liner smudging or flaking. I am to remove it easily with makeup removal wipes and cleanser after 14+ hr days. The felt tip is great. The only con to me is when this liner gets low, it becomes very blotchy.

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  • ladydai By  ladydai    

    Perfect cateye

    One of my favorite eyeliners aver, no smudge, nostreaks and great coverage. I keep a couple. Perfect for making great cat eyes.Easy to use and stays on all day or evening.

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  • JarilinaAyala By  JarilinaAyala    

    Best eyeliner

    One of my favorite eyeliners, doesn?t smudge and stays on well even the non waterproof formula. It doesn?t get crumbly either when you clean up your winged liner! Would highly recommend

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  • Kat3Quinn By  Kat3Quinn    

    Mascara Review

    The pigment was a good color and it didn?t run like some I?ve tried. However, the felt tip requires a steady hand imo. Overall, it is good quality and I?d recommend it.

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  • KateChandanais By  KateChandanais    

    Good price for good product

    Great eyeliner, stays in place, easy to use, doesn't run and is a great price. I'll definitely buy it again!

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  • Skailmama0122 By  Skailmama0122    

    Revlon liquid eyeliner

    This is absolutely my favorite liquid eyeliner! It glides on so well and doesn't smudge. It also stays on your eyes for the whole day with no need to reapply. I even used this before on my daughter for an Egyptian themed costume and it stayed on her all day and night through play and sweat! I highly recommend this!

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  • Kishu7286 By  Kishu7286    


    I have always use mascara and I Iove to try this always new brnwd mascara becuase it's make my eye look prey 😎.

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  • drosenheck By  drosenheck    

    I liked this eye liner. It went on thick and pigmented. Although I had a reaction and it made my eye lid a bit itchy and swollen. It did last for about four hours under a primer but then it began to smudge. It was easy to use with the applicator and was thin enough for control.

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  • SophiaG By  SophiaG    

    Too messy for me

    Even though brush is thinner I still have problems using liquid liner but I thought I woukd give it a try again during holidays but to no evail. When you do make a mistake its hard to correct without a mess.

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  • nikki7509 By  nikki7509    

    This eyeliner is not terrible, but it is not necessarily good. It's okay if you need to buy a last minute drug store eyeliner, but I would not recommend it for everyday use. It does tend to smudge throughout half of the day.

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  • TheTruth By  TheTruth    


    This color is nice but you only get a few good uses with it. It smudges after a couple of hours. If you're looking for a great find I honestly wouldn't recommend this eyeliner.

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  • liz8762 By  liz8762    

    great stuff

    i love this liquid eye liner its amazing it last long and its easy to use im in love with it

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  • Caliash By  Caliash    

    Great eyeliner that stays all day! Great for the winged liner and cat eyeliner!!

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