Pampered Chef Mini Spatula

Pampered Chef Mini Spatula

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Is that where I got mine ? I've had it and have been using it for years. I don't know anyone who does pampered chef parties anymore. Truthfully, this is my favorite kitchen tool. It never rusted and the handle is like new.

This spatula is a must-have; the perfect size for tight spacing and smaller items. I'll have to buy one for each of my girls when they go off on their own... or they'll take mine!

PC mini spatula I love this Pampered Chef mini spatula! I have this one plus another and use for cookies, brownies, cookies, etc. it's great for getting perfectly sized portions.

I've had this spatula, actually two of them, for many years. I love this little thing! Perfect size for getting bars and brownies out of the pan. It's very durable and still looks new after all these years of use.

Made to last FOREVER! I bought my Pampered Chef Mini Spatula probably in 1998, give or take a year, and it still looks and works like new. The handle is comfortable, the implement end is thin yet sturdy, and it is easy to clean. Everyone needs at least one! The slim size makes it easy to serve that first cookie or brownie, and it is strong enough that it won't collapse and drop its precious cargo.

It's the best spatula ever... Yes it is pricey.... Yes it is small... but I really really love this spatula! I am sure I am not the only one who does this but this makes the best over easy eggs ever! No lie I can't use any other spatula to flip my eggs it doesn't work as well as this guy does. I may or may not go around the house looking like Spongebob having a spatula attached to me LOL!

I love all my Pampered Chef products, including this mini spatula. Its lightweight and small, very easy to use. I feel very strongly that Pampered Chef is overpriced. However, I completely understand that you get what you pay for. I have had some of my products for over 10 years and minus a few dents and scratches they are in WONDERFUL condition!! I don't mind spending the money on good quality items, such as Pampered Chef's just stinks its on the pricey side.

the size of this makes it more convenient for many uses. Love it

This is my favorites spatula because it's thin enough to slide under cookies without distorting them. (All my plastic ones are too thick and push the cookie into a blob.) it's balance right so it can rest blade level, instead of tipping up. The metal blade is also good for crisp cuts in pie crusts.

Honestly the only spatula I reach for in the drawer, works the best with my cast iron

The only bad things about this spatula is that I don't have more than one. I use this spatula almost daily. It is easy to hold in my small hands. It is easy to clean and is great for making scrambled eggs, pancakes, or eggs over medium. I don't know what I would do without it!


This is the perfect size for brownies, cakes, casseroles... Its metal composition gives a strong support. I like this spatula over my other two spatulas. I like the slotting because it is small enough that nothing really falls through but it comes off the spatula easily. It washes easily. Great spatula.

This is a great little spatula. Its perfect for getting that first brownie or bar cookie out of the pan without destroying the other ones around it.

I have this spatula and use it all the time! It is the perfect size for 1 cookie or 1 brownie. It is small and convenient!