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Marie Kondo's New Book Teaches Kids To Keep Friends Close and Their Rooms Tidy

on Jul 17, 2019: Everyday my kids and I together sing the song "clean up, clean up, everybody do their share" as we tidy up the living room from the tornado that just hit it (they have way to many toys in my opinion). I think a book that we can sit down and read together to further the fact that tidiness is import…

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Want Kids to Drink More Milk? The Dairy Industry Donates Coffee Bars to School Cafeterias

on Jul 17, 2019: I know when I was in school, coffee probably would have helped me tremendously as I was "slow moving" in the mornings. Although I don't think that offering coffee will make the milk consumption much better necessarily.. I mean think of all the other stuff that goes into it.. ? However, I don't thi…