Pampered Chef Mini Spatula

Pampered Chef Mini Spatula

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We had two of these and both broke. I thought Pampered Chef was suppose to last. Probably would not buy again.

Thought this was a great little gadget, use it 3 or 4 times then it broke.

Would actually like to have this one.

U can bake cookies& brownies the possibilities are endless

Great size for brownies or bar cookies ( and a bunch of things you didn't know you needed a little tiny spatula for!). Great size for my kids little hands to use. But we have had 2 and the handles come off. Pampered chef needs to use a little sturdier glue for these in my opinion.

I haven't tried this, but with Pampered Chef products you can never go wrong. I also love their spices. I did however get the big silicone scraper/spatula and love it! You can use it even on hot items and it doesn't damage.

As with most Pampered Chef products, this product is well made and holds up rather well. The mini spatula's longevity, however, may be due to the fact that there are very few instances in which one needs a mini spatula. Overall, I would say that unless you regularly think, "I wish I had a miniature spatula for this," I would save my money and put it towards one of Pampered Chef's fantastic, standard-sized spatulas.

yea i like this dont like this

I am just not a fan of Pampered Chef products. I love to cook and take a lot of care to equip my kitchen with stuff that will work well and last! This spatula is effective, and I use it when my better spatulas are being washed, but I personally found it a bit light and cheap to be a "go to" accessory in my kitchen.

I love pamper chef products and I even used to sell them but I prefer the nylon spatulas over the metal to help protect my pans.

I had one of these and I liked it too but be careful because it will break and for the price, I went to a kitchen store and found one much cheaper with a solid handle that will not break by a poplar name for five bucks, I have had a lot and I mean a lot of pampered chef items over the years and found that several of the items broke and the only way they would honor their replacement was if I paid almost the full price again so I only occasionally buy something if someone is having a party but it is all overpriced items that you can find elsewhere with the quality just as good or better.

love this spatula. its great for small baked goods and pizza slices. i wish the handle was more heat resistant though. great buy at $5.50

I love my mini spatula it is so nice to use when I make cookies. It scoops them up and they don't break.

This spatula is my favorite tool to use for baking because it is easy to grip and fits perfectly under cookies and brownies. It is nonstick and very easy to use, so I love it. The spatula is strong and durable and the perfect size for all your baked treats.

I have one of these and it is great to use especially for removing cookies after baking. It is a perfect size to serve many things like pie or quiche. I like it so much that I bought my mother one and she uses it regularly as well.