Osmocote Slow Release Flower and Vegetable Plant Food

Osmocote Slow Release Flower and Vegetable Plant Food

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Great for flowers and veggies My husband and I love Osmocote because it's so easy to use and a few shakes of the fertilizer is all you'll need. Our plants and veggies love Osmocote!

Osmocote has been my secret weapon for years! I always add this while planting my containers and pots. MY plants love it!

Easy peasy My plants are thriving and thanks to this product it makes it easy. I fertilize and forget about it for 3 months.

The Best Non-Organic Fertilizer If you are a non-organic gardener, this is the only manufacturer I recommend as their slow release produces results. I used to have a nursery as a side business and many of the retail fertilizers burn plant roots. This one doesn't so I recommend it to non-organic users. Great product that produces good results.

You can trust osmocote to feed you plants with out getting nitrogen burn! I recommend this for anyone who is worried about fertilizing their plants properly!

Plants need nutrients as well in order to bloom well, flower and give fruit. I have used Osmot slow release vegetable and plant food, because I like that the plants are given the nutrients slowly over time. By sprinkling a few of the pellets around the plants, the pellets break down slowly with every watering. A great product!

I have used this.many times.Works.great keeps plants healthy

A little goes a long way and the results are amazing. Don't call yourself a gardener without it.

This is simple to use. I like it for outdoor plants.

I love using osmocote in my garden. I never plant anything in my garden without treating it with osmocote first. The only negative comment I can make is it doesnt smell the best.

I use this all the time and have been using for years. We use this one on the vegis and the one in the pink bottle on the flowers. Both can be used on either one, but it is fantastic.Gives your plants, flowers, vegetables just the right amount of Boosts so they will thrive!

Best fertilizer made hands down. I use these in all my pots when planting and even in the ground around the rootball of my plants..Awesome!

Love this, having been using it for years. Will not use any other brand.

I use Osmocote in all of my plants - it works GREAT and never have to remember to add it all summer.

I planted a couple of double knockout rose trees last Spring and in less than 3 months they doubled in size I believe from one application. The roses were double the size the were when I first planted them. It was recommended to me and now I'm doing the same.