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  • BriaLouise By  BriaLouise    

    I love this vibrating facial cleanser. You can use it in or out the shower. Its great for blackheads and the pads with the acne formula get right into your skin with the help of the massaging vibrating cleanser which feels great on your acne infected areas.

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  • HOLLWOod2222 By  HOLLWOod2222    

    I didn't like this products. It vibrates, but there is no need for it to, as it doesn't aid in the use of this product. Wave gets dirty and dingy quickly, had too many pieces to replace and I just wasn't happy. The packaging of their inserts could greatly be improved as well, to prevent drying out.

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  • dreamwithcolorr By  dreamwithcolorr    

    Its a great product and does the job. Its just a little too rough on my skin to use because the pad is thin and is kinda rough.

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  • sakhan By  sakhan    

    This product is so easy to use. And does a great skin cleansing job. It is very affordable, and works great on dry and oily skin .I have used it to clean my face and teens face. We both can use the same device, by just changing the cleaning disc. I highly recommend this product. It is way better than spending 100's of bucks on pro cleaning .

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  • kristennh By  kristennh    

    I don't have bad acne but I like to keep my face clean so this is perfect and it makes my face feel so smooth

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  • HazelEyes07 By  HazelEyes07    

    I tried this product after noticing how glow-y a coworkers face looked. She told me that she used this product to clean her face which helps with deep cleansing the skin and leaving it smooth. I was excited to try the Wave. Sure it enough it did not disappoint. It left my face smooth and it felt cleaner than following my regular cleansing routine. If you are curious about this product, definitely give it a try and share your thought on here :)

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  • Amanda_Ellis By  Amanda_Ellis    

    My niece had one and I used hers when I forgot my face wash at home. I LOVED IT!!!! As soon as I got home I ran straight to town and bought my own. I think I burnt it up though, cause after about 4 months it stopped working. :( Added bonus, you can use the clean and clear morning burst pads with this and they work just as good.

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  • iamkam By  iamkam    

    I just bought this last week, but i have already noticed a difference in my skin. Even after the first use my skin was already softer.

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  • holdyn08 By  holdyn08    

    love it so helpful girls with acne get this comes in different colors its easy to use and AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • cassidylovesyeww By  cassidylovesyeww    

    It's not bad and I'm sure it would work for some people but it didn't work for me.

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  • Vidaxylia By  Vidaxylia    

    I use the pads for shiny, acne-prone skin and it works wonderfully. I've tried the normal pads and find they don't exfoliate skin very well so I prefer the acne-prone skin version. You have to thoroughly wet the pads so it will lather up as you use it on your face. Is great for fighting my acne and leaves my skin very smooth. I always use mine on the higher, deep-cleaning setting. I've found it to be very waterproof and have had no problems with it (I only have it in the shower when I'm using it and otherwise leave it to dry on the sink). I've used it for a few months and only had to replace the batteries once. Good for traveling since there's nothing to spill! Buying the pads can be expensive since they are >$5 dollars for a pack of 18 pads but worth using a few times week to deep clean!

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  • belair95 By  belair95    

    Dont buy this all it does it bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and nothing else no deep cleaning whats so ever. Buy a clarasonic its worth every penny.

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  • Melbabe By  Melbabe    

    I think this one worked really good because i have sensitive skin and it didn't react to this product.

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  • bdesarro By  bdesarro    

    i like things that you can feel and see working. this doesn't do anything special. i reccommend Laura Mercier facial scrub. it works amazingly.

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  • Nandhini86 By  Nandhini86    

    product is too rough on sensitive skin.

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