MySpace Social Network

MySpace Social Network

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I used to really enjoy using myspace before facebook came along. I logged into my old myspace account not to long ago just to see what was going on with it and all of my photos and other things I had added to the myspace page were gone. It also seemed like now it was all music base - I was super confused and don't plan on ever logging back in.

It might have changed in the past few years, but when I was on it, it was a bit more crazy and did not have such a comfortable atmosphere. Some things were too risque.

I am sorry but I used to be a user of myspace and I did not like it at all. I prefer facebook much is easier to navigate and you have more controlll.... sorry myspace.

I am a former user of MySpace. In the beginning it was fun to connect with old and new people, but then it seemed like people were making it part of their daily lives as if it was a job. People were always telling me "I sent you a message on MySpace" and I'm thinking what happened to just emailing me or maybe even calling me. It also seemed geared more towards young people(I'm closer to 40 than 30 lol) with all of the comments and what not. I still think it's a great place to network but not for me.

I used to use Myspace a while ago before I started using Facebook. I would get messages and friend requests from all sorts of people and I didn't like that at all. I felt like there was a lack of privacy.

I got sick of myspace way before I started using facebook. Profiles took forever to load and people would bombard them with useless crap like silly graphics and useless info.

Its sad to say I dont use myspace anymore. I started using it before facebook but not anymore. sorry myspace.

I used to be a huge myspace fan, but facebook has rendered myspace obsolete among myself and my friends. Myspace seems to be the less mature, less sophsticated, and less effective means of social networking among the "big three" (myspace, facebook, twitter).

I used to love to use Myspace but I started picking up viruses when using it so I deleted the account.

MySpace is awful. I used to be such an advocate for MySpace until I started using Facebook. It became less about what my profile song was and more about connecting with friends.

Myspace is alright, but I use facebook alot more!

Myspace has less privacy settings than Facebook. Plus, facebook seems more professional whereas myspace is a site used more for appearances.

I love how Facebook allows one to connect with friends and even family you haven't seen in years!

I used to love Myspace but then it seemed like everyone I knew went to facebook so of course I did the same. Myspace seemed to be for younger kids.

love to use to keep in contact with family and friends near and far. do still like facebook better