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  • cwpugh30 By  cwpugh30    

    Works great

    Haven't found anything these couldn't clean up. You name it red cool aid to sharpie makers.

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  • honeybee415 By  honeybee415    

    These are indeed magic. They make quick work of cleaning a messy stove in no time.

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  • Livingmybestlife78 By  Livingmybestlife78    

    Magic eraser

    I love cleaning my walls with these especially my base boards

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  • azerohero By  azerohero    

    Dogs and Dirt

    Love the Magic Erasers for cleaning my walls. We have 5 dogs and the bottom half of our walls get dirty often. The Magic Erasers make it easy and quick to wipe the walls clean.

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  • Mandiliion By  Mandiliion    

    Oh these are cool If I can take off daily paint from projects then I'm sure works great every other way

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  • aikokakashi By  aikokakashi    

    Anything it can't clean?

    Magical - it got tiny pizza sauce hand-prints from a toddler off the walls, grease off our cooktop, and even grime off our premium vinyl plank flooring that the mop couldn't get.

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  • millyz By  millyz    

    Great for stovetops!

    I love this product! I use it in my kitchen, especially on my stovetop after cooking. It gets rid of splatters and hard core stuck on food with ease! Highly recommend.

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  • agould81 By  agould81    

    Not enough hype for this product

    Any stains should be scared of this magic eraser, because SHAZAM! This is the holy grail of all sponges! Nothing stands up to this eraser!

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  • nola807 By  nola807    

    Very Good

    this thing is a life saver it works so well it is worth the investment

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  • TheMaven By  TheMaven    

    They really are magic

    I remember when Magic Erasers first came on the market back around 2002 or 2003. My boys were very young, and I had just discovered they had drawn all over their bedroom wall with crayons. Everything I tried was just making things worse, and I spotted these Magic Erasers and thought they were worth a try. Oh, they were worth every penny. Crayon marks gone! Scuff marks on the white cabinets gone! I started using them on all sorts of jobs. Just be careful to test them on small areas first.

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  • kott25 By  kott25    

    Best eraser ever

    Mr. Clean magic erasers work on everything. I have used these to get crayon off walls, black marks on car, and smudge marks on cupboards. They work amazing.

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  • allene7 By  allene7    

    Magic Eraser

    I love these magic erasers, so many ways to clean with them, walls, appliances, etc. They work on almost any surface and are able to get scuff marks and other marks off that normal products do not seem to work on. Love these.

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  • rashpal By  rashpal    

    Life saver

    I simply love this product. They save my life when my kids were small and had to change rental apartments.

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  • Nikkiluvv97 By  Nikkiluvv97    


    This is a must have in any home. Im a mom and this has removed crayon and marker from my walls. Cleaned shoes beds and many other messes.

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  • Ariannamarie24 By  Ariannamarie24    

    Amazing eraser

    Omg, this thing is seriously a life saver!!! My daughter got ahold of markers and wrote on my walls. I tried scrubbing it with multiple products and couldn't get it off!! I used the magic eraser and it came off so easy!!!! I will definitely buy more!!!

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