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  • Aly112 By  Aly112    

    This has been my go to drugstore mascara for about 5 years now. When I'm not trying to get fully glam I use this and it haseems not let me down yet.

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  • flemingtessie By  flemingtessie    

    Good mascara, I've been using it for a while now and it hasn't dried up. I love the shape and length of my lashes, but this doesn't have much product so normally I'll put a messier one underneath and fix it with this applicator.

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  • nahioon By  nahioon    

    I like this because it makes my lashes look more voluminous but it sometimes goes on very clumpy. It doesn't come over easily either.

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  • Verooonica55 By  Verooonica55    

    Maybelline has the best mascara's, no doubt. This one is my second favorite maybelline mascara. The rocket is better, but this one is really good too. It adds a lot of fullness for me, but not as much length as I want.

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  • unyi5465 By  unyi5465    

    I actually really liked this product, it really was clumpy in the beginning then I really liked it then it ran out :(

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  • katiecourtney By  katiecourtney    

    I thought it would be interesting to try this brush, because it would bend to cover all lashes. Wrong. A better choice is a non bending, firm wand hatstands up against ur lashes and pushes them upwards. When combing this through your lashes, it just beds backwards and fails to coat and run through every lash. Didn't define or add anything to the look of my lashes. Likes the gel-like formula though, but couldn't deal with that wand!

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  • Perfecttester101 By  Perfecttester101    

    This is my favorite mascara. The only one I use! Turns out great every time and it even looks nice when used with others mascaras.

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  • eliss22 By  eliss22    

    This can be a hit or miss to me, sometimes when I use this mascara it gives me fabulous lashes but there is other times when I regret using it, its kinda too light that you need to use a lot of coats to achieve the desire look but it can work good for a more natural looking lashes

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  • LauritaAlways By  LauritaAlways    

    It's a pretty good mascara!! I purchase this in blue tint (I forgot the name) and I love how it doesn't flake! It also brighten up my eye look with blue lashes! Haha! The only negative about this product is it clumps if you overdo your lashes! Other than that, it's good! I like it!

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  • anvargas1240 By  anvargas1240    

    It does make your eyelashes thick and fuller , appearing like falsies, but it doesn't give the length I desired.

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  • binxtheman By  binxtheman    

    This is alright I've used better mascaras, this seemed to clump my eye lashes and the color wasn't bold, eh I would buy a different style

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  • skalett04 By  skalett04    

    I use this mascara all the time. Its very day to apply and last a long time. Also taking it off it fairly easy, good product

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  • christiansweetheart By  christiansweetheart    

    This is a great base mascara with another applied on top. It coats every lash and gives a lovely subtle look. Add YOUNIQUE 3D Mascara and your lashes look 200% more fuller and longer.

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  • normajeanmonroe By  normajeanmonroe    

    I love this mascara! It makes my lashes long and thick without clumping. I have bought this a few times and I will continue to.

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  • rainieen By  rainieen    

    I bought this on a whim at Fred Meyer (50% off) and LOVED it!!! Made my lashes dark and full. I did have a little of the "spider leg" thing going on but I once paid $30 for a high end mascara that did the same thing. It wasn't too bad, I definitely wasn't comparable to Tammy Faye Bakker. Would buy again!

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