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  • Kaylah-lah By  Kaylah-lah    

    Love it!

    I love this show. My husband and I have not only watched all episodes but we have started it again to watch all the way through. Some of the scenes are pretty graphic so don't watch with children.

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  • Belleofthelight By  Belleofthelight    

    Serious Entertainment

    This popular series is a captivatingly special experience. This historical fiction is more than television - it transports the viewer to another world. I have never experienced viewing anything like this. You will find yourself hanging on every word, determined not to miss a moment of action - and if you do, you will quickly rewind. Watching Game of Thrones is probably the one hour that you have a definite "do not disturb" sign posted for all. They won't dare interrupt.

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  • Heathers2980 By  Heathers2980    

    Game of Thrones

    Loved the show from season to season. Great storyline and awesome actors.

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  • Rockella By  Rockella    

    can not wait until the new season to air, would recommend for sure.

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  • Skyvark By  Skyvark    

    Seasons 1,2,3 were amazing. My husband called it quits after a disappointing season 4. I am still barely hanging in after season 5. I would have been out if not for my favorite character Peter Linkage plays. Thank God they killed Jon snow. Everyone I know hates the story line about the wall!!! Enough to keep me going still though

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  • Familymatters By  Familymatters    

    Game of Thrones is NOT only for people into gaming or dungeons and dragons. This show and the books really take you in another land and time, and introduce you to characters who are real people with real needs and challenges in a time when you couldn't simply run and hide from your problems, they were right smack in front of you and you had to dig deep inside to summon up all your might and make decisions and take actions to protect your family, your land, your freedom and your sanity. So much wonderful imaginatinve scenery, locations, settings, intense action, real personal drama, and yes magical mystical creatures and unknown elements that let you take yourself away for that hour of viewing and enjoy.

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  • KeraLee123 By  KeraLee123    

    This show will captivate you from the beginning. I am getting ready to start from scratch because I could never get tired of watching this amazing show.

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  • NinjaMomAllie By  NinjaMomAllie    

    We are living in a golden age of television, and Game of Thrones is proof. Now HBO's most watched series of all time, Game of Thrones is based on George R. R. Martin's fantasy novel series "A Song of Ice and Fire." The program is a brilliantly crafted alternate history with fantasy elements, kind of like The Tudors with a smattering of magic. Don't be confused by the fantasy theme, parents. This is no Hobbit. Game of Thrones is strictly oriented toward adult viewers. Under no circumstances should anyone under 18 watch this show! That said, tuck the kids in bed, barricade their door and WATCH THIS SHOW.

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  • cort2tfr By  cort2tfr    

    Absolutely obsessed. I own every season and the book set.

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  • EAugustin By  EAugustin    

    If only they wouldn't take SO long to return and when they did not give such few episodes. Other then that I LOVE this show. Can not wait til it returns!

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  • kkucharek By  kkucharek    

    I am obsessed with this show. It's something that both my husband and I are entertained by and we both enjoy it very much. HBO has a winner with this series. I wouldn't watch it with kids in the room because it can be very, very graphic, but it will keep adults hooked and entertained. I can't sing enough praises about this.

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  • Meganks8 By  Meganks8    

    Love this show. Sometimes a little violent for me but I can't miss an episode!

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  • Jenaflower79 By  Jenaflower79    

    Great show! I watch it with the honey! We enjoy the fantasy, sex, wars, & the dragons!

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  • EdgyMama By  EdgyMama    

    This shows is awesome! I haven't read any of the books but I would love to someday if they actually are anything like the show. I would recommend that when you actually watch the show, make sure not to have any distractions. If I miss just a couple of minutes, i'm totally lost. Don't even think of missing one episode because you really wont know whats going on. LOL. It is a show I definitely love watching once kiddos are in bed, I've got a glass of wine in my hand, and am ready to relax.

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  • addieyoder By  addieyoder    

    one of my favorite shows! I love how closely it has followed the books!

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