Fiber Choice Weight Management Chewable Tablets

Fiber Choice Weight Management Chewable Tablets

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Yummy, bur not recommended These chewables taste good, but they won't help with weight loss, they'll help you feel a bit fuller but that's it.

I do not feel like these fiber pills help at all. I was expecting a little weight loss.

I like these especially if you need fiber. I love this product. So awesome . you just open it and pop one in your mouth and chew. That simple. And good flavors

These taste good but not for us. Made my boyfriend feel very bad and I saw the bloating concern someone had as well. This is too pricey too. Just go for some good ol fiber one products.

This product made me feel bloated and doesn't control your weight. The best thing is diet and excersice

I like the flavor and I like the fact I'm getting the fiber I need. however it takes a while to chew them up and it doesn't have any better weight management then any other fiber tablet

I don't give many 1-star ratings, because I do try to be positive. However, I can't find anything good to say about this product. I used it for almost a week in accordance with package directions. By then, I was so uncomfortable and sick, I had to go to the doctor, who prescribed medication, which is another story! Not only did it not work, but the "tablets" are very large and hard to chew. They are hard, and once broken down, they are gritty. Even after taken in conjunction with fibrous foods, they did not assist in moving things along. I cannot recommend this product.

They have a good taste, but they you cannot rely on them if you want your gastro-intestinal tract to behave properly! They improve the digestion if they are combined with fiber coming from real nutritional sources like fruits, vegetables, grains and bran and 1.5 to 2 liters water per day.

I liked the taste of these but they made me feel bloated and gave me gas.

i didnt care for these..i received a sample in the mail and thought they were huge and the texture was not appealing to me

did not do anything to help me lose weight and they are expensive.

I first tried these on a sample I received. The sample was only two tablets so I chewed one a day and they still worked. Great product and I also told my co-worker about them.

I liked these b/c they tasted good and contain calcium and vit. D and obviously a good dose of fiber.

I've bought Fiber Choice Weight Management i've used them for about 2 months i like the taste but the weight management i cannot see where its helped at all. I have cut down on my colorie intake and i exercise 5 days every week and i am starting to tell its working.