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Whitney Houston's Tragic Death: Would Legalizing Drugs Help Those Battling Addiction?

on Feb 13, 2012: It was reported after Amy Winehouses autopsy she died of alcohol poisoning, she also had emphysema and cirrhosis of the liver. She was only 27, the drugs she was addicted to were legal cigaretts and alcohol. Such a same so young i can't imagine how many cigaretts or how much alcohol you would need…

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Paula Deen "In Bad Taste"?

on Jan 18, 2012: Diabetes is a terrible debilitating desiese. I watched my Mother go through having her toes amputated, she had kidney failure and was on kidney dialysis 3 times a week for 4 hours at a time that left her so weak that so hardly could speak she had to measure everything thing she drank and it was ve…

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Post a Reboot-Your-Body Tip & Win Workout Gear

on Sep 23, 2011: Every Morning i workout to Leslie Sanaones walk away the pounds she has several different dvd's i like the way she shows and explains the different moves i startedout walking 1 mile and worked my way up to3 to 4 milesof aerobic walking.