FURminator deShedding Tool

FURminator deShedding Tool

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Great for some dogs, but not all The effectiveness is really dependent on your dog's fur type. They make some specifically for dogs with longer fur, but they aren't always in stock, so you'll be disappointed with the results of the regular one. BUT if you have the right one for your dog's undercoat, you might want to get a mask and goggles because the fur will really fly!

Disappointed I bought this because of the great reviews and it barely pulls any of the undercoat from my chocolate lab. I have a cheap undercoat rake that I bought that does a much better job. Very disappointed that it didn't work since it cost so much.

I love this product! Have 3 dogs including German Sheperd and this product is AMAZING!!! My sister in law had one before me and I used it one time and went straight to buy one for my house!

I love Furminator products!! These are absolute lifesavers!!! If you are on the fence, don't be! These will get that excess undercoat, etc off of your dog and out of your house in a trash bin! My dog constantly sheds and without this, I don't know what I would do! Furminator shampoo and conditioners work wonders too! Great brand and products!

Best way to reduce shedding Absolutely best way to get the undercoat! It took my cats a few groomings to really get used to this, but they very quickly realized just how much more comfortable they are afterwards. One of my cats now begs me to groom her every day! Unlike brushing, this really grabs that undercoat and pulls it up (only grabbing what's loose), whereas brushing just seems to smooth the coats of my cats instead. If I don't groom, there are hairballs all over. But, by using this, hairballs are a thing of the past!

Me and my boyfriend use this on our husky and it's incredible, makes life so much easier when she's shedding.

An amazing tool that makes deshedding my pets go WAY quicker than with any other brush, I recommend it to any customer that comes into our store looking for a good shedding brush. That said, be careful with how roughly you use it - it can be really tempting to dig in and just get all of that fur brushed thoroughly, but it's still a pretty heavy duty brush and can aggravate the pet's skin, especially the delicate skin on cats.

Fantastic! I love this! Works great on my Siberian Husky and makes her shedding seasons a lot more tolerable! Plus, she loves it as well!

My cat doesn't care for it. She just doesn't like grooming tools at all. Think teeth are to close together for a long haired cat. Pulls to much. It does work but my cat is a brat. 😼

So when my mother law said she was coming to visit I thought great... now I get to hear her complain about the shedding of our Boxer. However after advice from the vet I purchased the FURminator deShedding Tool & used it along with the FURminator deShedding Shampoo & Conditioner... what a world of difference. When I used the FURminator deShedding Tool alone I seen great results but when I added the shampoo & conditioner I seen AMAZING results & my dog has not shed since.!

I use this on my cats, it helps keep clumps of hair off the floor more now than when i used other brushes. The cats don't mind being brushed with it either. A win - win situation for all of us.

I love using this tool on our German Shepherd Mix mutt. It strips out a lot of the lose fur and undercoat that would otherwise end up all over our house. Our pup seems to enjoy the process as well as he sits nicely and doesn't leave until we're done brushing. The one downside is that we have to use this product frequently (at least once per week) to keep the shedding to a level we're comfortable with.

It did help a little but, i found it gave my dogs split ends...

I love this product! I use it on my cats, dogs and horses! It definitely saves time getting fur off my furniture and extends the life of my vacuum. Anyone with pets should give it a try. Unlike traditional brushes not a lot of pressure is needed, just gently drag across coat several times and you will see the amount of hair that could be on the floor of your house.

I like this tool it works great on my dog and she enjoys me using it on her, it removes alot of hair.