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  • Brittany8977 By  Brittany8977    

    Over priced poor quality

    Worst frozen pizza I have ever had in my life. I liked the pizza they served at school way better than this. Bottom hard them to doughy like it doesn't know what to make of itself. No good and way over priced for the quality.

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  • nene129 By  nene129    

    Love DiGiorno!..the best of all frozen pizzas!

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  • miaisabelsmom By  miaisabelsmom    

    Wick easy and a hit with everyone in the family.

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  • tnortham333 By  tnortham333    

    delicious and easy. good quality

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  • Meghan2014 By  Meghan2014    

    Love this pizza! It's a fast easy meal that doesn't taste like a preprocessed food. I also enjoy the different varieties that you can get with and without desserts!

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  • sammiluv2 By  sammiluv2    

    I love this for family night its an easy fast delicious dinner my family loves and so much cheaper then ordering out

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  • dianej89 By  dianej89    

    lovveeee best pizza ever

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    Love that you get an appetizer and dinner in one box!

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  • Missxjewel By  Missxjewel    

    It definitely doesn't taste like delivery but it tastes amazing. I actually prefer it a lot of the time!

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  • ishhappens By  ishhappens    

    its hard to find great frozen pizza but digiorno is my first pick! I like to add a little extra cheese, tastes so good youll thinl its delivery!

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  • TracyF By  TracyF    

    I absolutely love DiGiorno Pizza, adding the breadsticks was a great idea!!!

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  • carebear5555us By  carebear5555us    

    Tasty and quick. Easy to make.

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  • mervissa By  mervissa    

    Pizza is ok for frozen.

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  • kandicegrimme By  kandicegrimme    

    A whole meal in a box that's quick and easy to make? Ah-mazing! And it's cheap but the flavor of the pizza tastes delicious!

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  • Charlisha222 By  Charlisha222    

    Love this pizza. Easy to make. Great 20-minute meal. I would recommend. Breadsticks are good too.

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