Digiorno Pizza & Breadsticks

Digiorno Pizza & Breadsticks

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Over priced poor quality Worst frozen pizza I have ever had in my life. I liked the pizza they served at school way better than this. Bottom hard them to doughy like it doesn't know what to make of itself. No good and way over priced for the quality.

I liked the concept of this just wasn't amazed by the flavor. I do like how they are constantly trying new things even though they are just a frozen pizza

it is still fairly good pizza, but since they have lowered the cost from 8 to 5, they have lowered the quality and they don't taste as they did. too bad!

Some reviews have indicated that this pizza/breadstick combo is better than delivery. I wouldn't go that far, but for frozen pizza it's pretty good. It's quite pricey for what I'd like to pay for frozen pizza and the breadsticks don't seem to have much seasoning.

Pizza is ok for frozen.

wasn't too impressed with this...

I tried the one with the buffelo chicken and mozarella sticks and the pizza was really not tasty at all. It tasted frozen and cheap.The tomato sauce was not very good either.I rather go to the corner store and buy a slice fresh pizza or make my own. However i give it 3 stars cuz the side dish was really good. They should just sell the boneless chicken.

I absolutely love DiGiorno Pizza, adding the breadsticks was a great idea!!!

Wick easy and a hit with everyone in the family.

oh they are true to what they say it does taste like deliver. Adding things like bread sticks gives it that delivery feel. It taste so good just wish they had more variety like a real pizza place does.

I love Digiorno pizza, it is my first choice when buying frozen pizza. When I am wanting to have an easy dinner night I will get the pizza and breadsticks.

Breadsticks are ok..

I love this for family night its an easy fast delicious dinner my family loves and so much cheaper then ordering out

Love that you get an appetizer and dinner in one box!

Good enough to buy regularly for my family, but no way is it like getting a pizza delivered.