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  • spindrift By  spindrift    

    This product rocks-just remember to keep it away from your dog.

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  • mslejean By  mslejean    

    This is an old school product that is still good to have today. Really works.

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  • OutSpokeninPA By  OutSpokeninPA    

    I have used this product twice personally -it helps to heal the skin. Has a great smell also!

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  • shir12095 By  shir12095    

    Absolutely love this stuff.

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  • CHRISTINE24666 By  CHRISTINE24666    

    Smells soo good...Old timey standby. Listen to your grandmothers!

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  • MomaNikki82 By  MomaNikki82    

    This product is great to help heal skin. I used this when I had a tattoo and found I was allergic to antibiotic cream. It helped to heal this skin in no time! Smells great too! The only thing is it doesn't dry well and can leave you a lil oily, if you apply too much.

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