CBS 2 Broke Girls

CBS 2 Broke Girls

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hilarious My husband and I would always watch this show, it is so hilarious. We were sad to see it end but it's still fun to watch the reruns

fan favorite What a funny show love this series Jennifer Coolidge is the best she makes the show top notch I'd recommend this to all my friends perfect for fans of Mike and Molly and How I Met Your Mother

Funny This show is hilarious. If I'm looking for a good laugh I turn it on!

2 Broke Girls I like 2 broke girls as it is quite a funny show but it's not as funny as it used to be. The earlier seasons were more comedic. I love Max but Caroline is actually really annoying as is Sophie. Also they need fresh ideas for the show. I do like it though and watch it with my husband.

Fun show! We started watching this comedy when it first aired and although it got a little slow for a year there it seems to have one picked up again.

I dont like this show, the girls look dirty, they arent funny, its dumb, i wouldnt recommend it to anyone.

Ehh I starated out really liking this show. Now it's just cheesy one liners. I like the characters though so I still watch sometimes. It's not a show that I have to watch though.

I have never missed an episode of this show. Love, love, love it!

Max makes the show This show has me rolling with Max's witty sarcasm although Caroline often falls flat it's worth the watch. They need to move past current cupcake shop failure them lately.

Super funny and Inappropriate Humor! Funny, inappropriate humor! Love it. The only thing that drives me bonkers is Sophie and Olig. I happen to really love Max's new bf...HOT!!!!!!

love this show. keeps me laughing the whole time. love the humor, always look forward to watching this show.

This season isn't quite as funny as earlier but they do push the envelope a bit more than other shows. I really want to know what lipstick Kat Denning wears on the show!

The canned laughter ruins the show. I would watch regularly otherwise.

i like this show started watching and was hooked after that

Funny show. Sometimes dull, but hey, what show isn't? Not hard to watch, hilarious, and somewhat dirty. I look forward to continue watching 2 Broke Girls.