Burt's Bees Radiance Lip Shimmer

Burt's Bees Radiance Lip Shimmer

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I have the Watermelon lip shimmer, and with my skin tone it gives a hint of pink color that isn't overpowering. I think there is a bit too much shimmer, but I still wear it often. It feels very light and soft on my lips, and keeps them moisturized for about as long as Burt' s Bees normal chapstick.

I love Burt's Bees and I love shimmer. This is an excellent product to use on its own or over top of a lip stick to add a little bit of shimmer.

I love the way that they feel on my lips and I love the pigmentation. They are really hydrating and refreshing. My issue is that they slide around for quite a while until they set on my lips.

Found it to be patchy and gritty. Can get higher quality for that price point (although not expensive) .

Love Burt's bees products they are always great and very resonalbkey priced

I have multiple colors of these, and I love them all. Some of the colors are extremely pigmented, so I apply those sparingly, or use them in place of lipstick when I want a bold color. Other colors are light and shimmery, and great for layering over dark matte colors to make your lips look fuller. Another winning product from Burt's Bees!

This is the only Burt's Bees lip product I will use! I love a little shimmer on my lips to brighten my face and my mood. I really like the Strawberry. It's a nice light pink color with a nice scent. I keep this in my purse for times that I glance in a mirror and notice that my lipstick has worn off or I decide it's to dark and things like that. It's a great look by itself or over another color. Especially good for summer.

Burt's Bees ? Watermelon Lip Shimmer As an avid fan of both Burt's Bees and their lip balms, I couldn't wait to try their much lauded lip shimmer. It is packed with vitamin E, beeswax, sunflower and coconut oil. The lip shimmer gave a pretty sheer wash of color and left a bit of shimmer behind. Although, it didn't provide enough moisture and my lips felt dry after 15 minutes or so after application. I love the color and how it nicely brightens up my face with color but I might have to use a lip balm under this shimmer so my lip doesn't dry up.

Now, you must understand I am fussy about my lip balm. Still, I tried this after having a good experience with another Burt's Bees balm. I figured, I could use a little shimmer! Liked it. Quite a bit, really. Almost loved it. I tried the watermelon, and it was a darned good product. Worked well as a balm, provided the promised shimmer, and fits in my pocketbook, too. A little expensive, but not Estee' Lauder expensive. My only issue would have to be that it requires reapplying way too soon. Still, I would recommend it to friends, easily. Go get ya some!

I love this lip balm. I have never tried this until recently as a friend suggested it to me. I picked up the Champagne Lip Shimmer. I wear it over a bit of one of my favorite lipsticks, and it's the bomb. My lips are not all dried out, and I don't need to keep applying it throughout the day. I would highly suggest this product to try for someone looking for a new product! Way to go Burts Bee's!!

I have the Burt's Bees lip shimmer in watermelon and I love it! My favorite lip care product before this was Lypsyl and the Burt's Bees reminds me a lot of it but with color! I like the combination of sheer lip color and lip care features of Burt's Bees.

I have this in Champagne and I love putting it over lip stick. It adds subtle shimmer to matte colors.

I have it in several colors. The thin tube makes it easy to apply without a lip brush, so just slip it in your pocket or bag and go. Smells minty. Some colors are a tad shimmery on my light skin. Adds just enough color and gloss/balm to be worn alone or with make up.

I love this product! Who knew it was possible to get organic products that actually worked better than unorganic? I love the shimmer and subtle tint it adds, but what is best is the nice, tingly feeling it gives your lips! Five stars!

I have this lip shimmer in Caramel, and I have to say I like the way it sort of tints my lips and makes them feel more plump. I'm guessing because of the minty tingly feeling I get, like I do from regular lip plump glosses. Makes my lips feel smooth & doesn't dry them out!