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Enter the Happy Holidays Giveaway from SheSpeaks

on Dec 10, 2014: I have so many favorite scenes in the movie "Elf". I had a hard time not quoting 1/2 the movie! One of my favorites is when Buddy and his manager are arguing back and forth. Manager- why are you smiling like that? Buddy- I just like to smile...smiling is my favorite! Manager- make work your fa…

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Enter the Best Songs of Summer Giveaway

on Jul 16, 2014: Cruel Summer--Bananarama

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Teen Trades Silk & Satin Prom Dress For a Burlap Sack In a Fundraising Effort

on Jul 16, 2014: I love this! So many young people (mine included) are self centered and, well spoiled to be honest. I'm not saying all of them, so please don't take this wrong anyone that reads it! What an awesome thing to do and the designer made a gorgeous dress especially being allergic to the material! I d…