Bumpits Hair Volumnizing Leave-in Inserts

Bumpits Hair Volumnizing Leave-in Inserts

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I've been using the bump-it for a very long time and find that I can't really do without it. My head is flat on top and so is my hair. So it needs a bump in the top back area. The bump-it works perfectly to fill that flatness and provide volume. And, yes, you can either tease it to keep it in place or hairspray the bump-it which works well also. I use the smaller of the two sizes provided and it does the trick for me because the shape of my head just happens to need this type of device. I would recommend it for people that require this type of help. Or people that just need extra volume.

I haven't had much luck with these. They weren't very comfortable, and they still showed, no matter how much hair I put over them. In my opinion, I can pretty much achieve the same look, with teasing.

My friend had these and she never used them so she gave them to me and they do not work. I followed the directions to a T and they never stayed in place and could clearly be seen and I have very thick hair. Would not recommend this product to anybody. Glad I didn't spend my money on them.

I found this a little hard to use at first but once I got the hang of it I fell in love. I am a cosmetologist and I use these all the time now for prom/wedding updos. Its a great product.

These don't work for me. I feel like I don't ever have enough hair to cover them. In fact, I was never happy with how my hair look turned out with them and never actually even wore them out of the house. Also I felt like the bump ended up looking too pointy and unrealistic. Don't waste your money.

Yeah, no. I don't think so. Way too obvious. Much easier to tease hair...even if one has thin hair!

Doesn't work for me, totally gimmick-or maybe it's just me who can't use it I'm not sure.

This never worked on my hair.

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. No ma'am. Tease your hair & move on with your life.

Worthless product dont buy this

Never stayed in right, and looked extremely lumpy. Did they even TRY to make it a usable product?

I wouldn't waste my money again.

I was so excited years ago to try these. Tried it, and they went right back to the store. Hideous.

I thoughti wouod like it but I felt like I got hitin the head withthe bump its it pulls your hair when you try to take it off

They are ugly and make you self conscious all day wondering if people can see the stupid plastic thing under your hair.. I let my 6yr old sisters have them.