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I love this magazine. It keeps me motivated to take care of ME. I always learn something new. I always look forward to the next issue!

I'm a subscriber. I really enjoy this magazine. I wish it wasn't so pricy though. The content is great.

I have really enjoyed this magazine. Especially for a new mom who needs to remember to take time for herself, this magazine gave me ideas on just how to do that. It had a little bit of everything and I wasn't overwhelmed by advertising!

This magazine is a must read.

I love this magazine. It's one of my favorites. I'm like a kid at Christmas when it comes in the mail.

Really, Really excellent magazine with lots of information. sign up for the online newsletters.. Enjoy!

i forgot to add stars 2 stars

Many articles are informative but short. I get this free for now but I would not spend the money on a subscription.

Little amounts of content. The info is accurate but too simple for those who are already into natural living, and a little vague even for those who are just getting into natural living.

I like this magazine and recently subscribed. I am very interested in natural health and sustainable practices and just living a better life that nurtures my soul. I get happy when my subscription arrives and it inspires me to do more to keep that fulfilling feeling coming.

very much into green living. I liked it. has free subs. I just got my first issue and it was enjoyable to read, not the best mag ever ( real simple-for me!) but good enjoyable and nice quality.

I love it! This is the best magazine for people who are into natural living/living green. It has informative articles on health, diet, excercize, herbs, beauty products, stress management, essential oils, etc... I've had a subscription to this magazine since it first came into publication and I'll have one until it ends.

I recieved two issues of this magazine as a trial. Loved it, very enjoyable magazine. Many great articles, product reviews,.etc. I would subscribe to this one depending on the cost of the subscription. You can find this magazine at