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  • Author image By MsTPooh
    03.20.16   Edit

    I think I will try this. It looks really simple.

  • Author image By j92311
    08.15.15   Edit

    This is one of those dished you know you will love before you even try. Made this for my family the other night and there was not a single complaint in the house.

  • Author image By Pixiecasey
    11.09.14   Edit

    Very tasty idea reminds me of something similar that my mother used to make.

  • Author image By allymike2005
    04.26.13   Edit

    These are very delicious! I love to make these. They are so good and easy to make.

  • Author image By sydney2112
    09.09.12   Edit

    you know i make these to you might want to try how i make mine just idea stuff cream cheese and bacon bits and then wrap them up in ham soooo good i am gonna try your way

  • Author image By steffie
    03.27.12   Edit

    I tried these last night! Yum! I also wrapped bacon is scallops. That was awersome!

  • Author image By didama
    03.27.12   Edit

    This looks delicious! What a great idea for a quick and easy party appetizer or even for dinner!

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