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Avoid the Summer "I'm Bored!" Blues with a #SheSpeaksSummer Games Giveaway!

Avoid the Summer

My kids are counting down to the end of the school year. They dream of long days playing outside, swimming in the pool, and yes, lots of Xbox.

I look forward to three months without fights over homework or permission slips to sign. But I also dread long days with my kids just staring at screens and whining, "Mommy, I'm bored."

Which is why we need to work together. Calling all SheSpeaks moms, grandmas or anyone who has ever been a kid themselves!

Share ways to keep kids busy over the summer. They can be big plans or little projects. They can be for big kids or little ones. All ideas will help! Anyone who gives a suggestion will be entered to win a set of 5 Outdoor Games, perfect to occupy your kids' time.

Here's how you enter:

Comment below! Give us an idea you have for filling up those long summer days.


Tweet a way to stay busy this summer using the hashtags: #SheSpeaksSummer, @SheSpeaksUp & #Giveaway.

Bonus: We have some upcoming kids programs! Make sure your SheSpeaks Profile is up-to-date here so we can see if you qualify.

And now, some summer ideas from the SheSpeaks staff to get you started...

"I always loved loved loved the summer reading program at the library." - Carol

"I'd like to to do both big things and little things with my kids this summer - everything from riding the tallest roller coaster to collecting rocks." - Jenny

"My summer vacations as a kid were pretty standard - I went to our town's "summer rec" program that had swimming lessons, tennis lessons, and arts & crafts.  Lots of boondoggle lanyard making." - Emily

"My 15- year old is most likely watching entirely too much Netflix!  She will take a week to do a service trip with her youth group. " - Missy

"We bought a kids cookbook and my kids looked through it. We're going to try to make a new recipe each week." - Susan

"My sister has her kids on a schedule so it's similar to school (they are 4 & 6). She has time slotted for coloring, writing/reading, outdoor chores, meals and snacks, and 1 day a week adventures (pool, zoo, etc). Also they are doing swim lessons. " - Lori


*One lucky commenter or Tweeter who enters by June 11th, 2017 will be chosen at random to receive a Franklin 5 Game Beach Bag Combo Set, valued at $29.99. Giveaway is open to U.S. residents at least 18 years of age. Entrants must be a member of SheSpeaks. If you are not a member, click here to join. Winner will be notified by email.

Update: Thanks to everyone who entered! Congratulations to the winner, SheSpeaks member cknittel1!

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  • nickelet11 By nickelet11

    I work full time and i'll be spending it by the pool!

  • vhernandez75 By vhernandez75

    I love to take early morning trips to the zoo. I live in phoenix so we need to get an early start and the zoo opens at 6am in the summer.

  • Jenny391 By Jenny391

    Summer job is always a good choice. It teaches discipline while making some money to save for college.

  • JulsB20 By JulsB20

    We get a pass to the local pool so we can visit often. We're also taking weekend camping trips.

  • lilang By lilang

    When my kids say they are bored I give them a cleaning chore to do. This makes them think twice before bothering me and it allows them to solve the problem on their own.

  • lilannie By lilannie

    summer trips

  • camillawilson By camillawilson

    We have a pool and go to the beach!

  • aneube By aneube

    We love time in our pool, and the good old fashioned options like bubbles, chalk, the sandbox, and the sprinkler. We both work full-time so the older one is in summer camp and the younger one is in daycare. On the weekends we try to stay out of the sun from 12-3pm to avoid the hottest part of the day.

  • peter26 By peter26

    Have a garden and show them what real food looks like.

  • Justmissash By Justmissash

    We always keep a good stock of outdoor toys and games and random stuff like water balloons, hula hoops, pool noodles, bubbles, etc. We do fun things every day and on the weekends that we are not going anywhere, I set up "stations" with different activities and the kids can play with one and move on to another as they wish. I like to do them with them too. But we love to take drives to the beach and we also have a book of road games to play and we stop at places along the way. And this year we are taking an 8 hour drive across state to see relative. (well it will be at least 8 hours with all the stops we have to make) and we are planning a few stops and lots of road fun.

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