Almay Smart Shade Smart Balance Makeup

Almay Smart Shade Smart Balance Makeup

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Very disappointing. I tried this product years ago and had high hopes for it because, at the time, I was a huge user of other Almay products. I have fair-to-medium skin with a light olive undertone so it is difficult to find a product that matches my skin. The product claims to adjust itself to match your skin tone so I thought it would complement my skin. Unfortunately, it did not. Instead of blending in with my skin color, it changed it to a deeper color that looked too orange and fake, like a bad self-tanner. It dried nearly the second it touched my skin so I was unable to blend it in well and it left it streaky. It did not moisturize my skin and was actually kind of sticky to the touch. I was very disappointed with the results and it went to the back of the makeup graveyard in my cabinet.

While using this product I had a hard time keeping it from separating on my face. Mainly around my T zone. My skin is combination and this didn't set well with translucent powder and leaving it by itself.

Lightweight, providing full coverage, this is a product I absolutely love! I come back to it time and time again.

I love the lightweight coverage and the self adjusting color aspect, love this!!!!

I usually get make-up from my aunt that sells it. I left my make-up bag at home and bought this at the store. I have a problem finding make-up that feels light and matches. This was a perfect match for my skin. The downfall is that the coverage isn't the best if someone has a lot of acne, but I have a pretty decent complexion so it works well for me.

Provides only very light coverage.

Very light and very sheer. Kind of cool that it comes out white and turns into regular foundation but it wasn't a perfect match for my tan skin. I am acne prone and my skin is on the oilier side so this only made it greasier. Like the concept but did not work for me.

I have really sensitive skin and it made me break out. I will not purchase this product?

This makeup is a last resort for me. It has terrible coverage, makes my face oily, proceeds to make my face break out, and it doesn't match my skin at all. When I applied it, my face looked shiny and not much of a difference was there coverage wise. Honestly, this is the thing I dig up out of my makeup box when I'm desperate.

Made me break out and has no coverage.

I had seen the commercials and I really thought this make up would match my skin tone and sadly I was not satisfied, it just didn't seem natural nor did it smell nice.

I have always had a problem finding a foundation to match my skin. I have always had to get either a lighter foundation and use a darker powder or switch it around. With this foundation I do not have to worry it always matches for me. The concealers are great as well. I absolutely LOVE this product!

I hate this product. It didn't match my skin at all and didn't rub in very well either. I bought it because I was tired of buying the wrong shades. This was horrible.

it did nothing except make my face the wrong color no matter what shade I tried it was always whitish

I tried this and it left my skin so tight that I could feel the tightness and the color didnt match well to my skin. My wrinkles around me eyes were hidious.