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The Biggest Digital Event of All Time
Every four years it seems as if the world has one time zone - because no other event brings together countries and cultures quite like the World Cup. For a short period everyone from Rio to Tokyo to Athens to Seattle is united in a euphoria that is as big as it gets. Social Media brought the World Cup into a new light, especially in the USA. Rec… [read more]
Enter the Best Songs of Summer Giveaway
SheSpeaksTeam on {Living}
1 week ago :: comments image 441 Comments
   Feel like cruisin’ with the top down? All you need to go along with the bright summer sun - is our playlist of catchy songs that are easy to dance to! So come join the fun as we count down the Best Songs of Summer & enter to be a lucky winner in our iTunes Gift Card Giveaway!* FANCY … [read more]
Miss Idaho's Inspirational Bikini Accessory
Most beauty pageant contestants choose to accessorize their bikini with a sparkly set of earrings and an even spray tan, but Miss Idaho Sierra Sandison managed to turn heads with her insulin pump she wore on the runway clipped to her swimsuit. Sandison, who suffers from Type 1 diabetes uses the insulin pump to make sure her disease is under contr… [read more]
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Britax Marathon Car Seat
My Daughter just purchased this car seat last year. Very sturdy and very easy to get my…
by:  lrob003 2 days ago
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 | 72 Reviews
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Graco LiteRider Stroller
last review by:  trippingtiffies on Apr 16, 2014
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Pampers Diapers
last review by:  MHATAWAY Today
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Grilled Potato Salad
Potato salad made with some grilled ingredients, and it further brings out the "Summer F…
by:  CHEETIEUS on May 24, 2012
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 | 0 Reviews
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Egg …
Egg Halwa
by:  JFRahamoni on May 09, 2012
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