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3 DIY Popsicles To Make This Memorial Day F…
SheSpeaksTeam on {Food}
2 days ago :: comments image 1 Comment
No dessert plans for the long weekend ahead? We've got you covered!    These easy-to-make summer treats are ideal for an afternoon cool-down snack or dessert after a BBQ. Hosts Wendy and Megan, of SheSpeaksTV & Long Story Short, share 3 homemade popsicle recipes both kids and adults will love to eat. You won't want to miss th… [read more]
Dating App Exposes Cheaters To Weed Out Tho…
If you’re looking for love on a dating app and you happen to already be spoken for you should probably think twice about joining Hinge. (Although, some might argue that you should also think twice about having a dating app while you’re already in a relationship!) Digital Trends reports about the dating app Hinge and its efforts to ex… [read more]
YouTube Kids App Serves Up Some Very Adult …
drodriguez on {Parenting}
3 days ago :: comments image 1 Comment
Many parents know the horror of clicking on a YouTube video that looks child-friendly but turns out to be wildly inappropriate. That’s why the YouTube Kids App might seem like a life-saver to parents. Just hearing the words “Kids App” probably makes you think it would make YouTube surfing a lot easier and safer for kids and pare… [read more]
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Edy's  Fruit Bars
Everyone in my family absolutely love these fruit bars. From my 57 year old parents to m…
by:  MermaidShelly 2 days ago
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 | 950 Reviews
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Quaker Oatmeal to Go
last review by:  coupongirl107 on May 07, 2015
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Naked Juice Drinks
last review by:  imstephtacular 1 day ago
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Egg Halwa
This is the easiest recipe that anyone can make, yummy and delicious.
by:  JFRahamoni on May 09, 2012
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 | 2 Reviews
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 To have your say...
What are you looking forward to for the Memorial Day weekend?
What are you looking forward to for the Memorial Day weekend?
Events which show appreciation for our soldiers
The extra day off work/school
The unofficial start of summer
Getting together with friends and/or family
Breaking out the BBQ
Other (leave a comment)