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Would You Like Fries...And A Beer With That? Fast Food Restaurants Add Alcohol To The Menu

Would You Like Fries...And A Beer With That? Fast Food Restaurants Add Alcohol To The Menu
By drodriguez
on Jul 05, 2011 :: comments image 16 Comments
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You may be in for a surprise the next time you stop in for a burger at your local fast food spot and find beer and wine has been added to the menu. Fast food chains like Burger King, Sonic, and Starbucks are a few of the restaurants that have added alcohol to their menus.

So far, the beer and wine options are only available at a few select locations, but are expected to become more widespread if customers keep ordering. A recent report from USA Today talks about some of the pros and cons of the beverage additions.

Restaurant consulting firm, Technomic’s president Ron Paul believes the move to serving beer and wine in these restaurants can be very beneficial for business owners as well as customers. Paul says, "For consumers, it's basically about having it your way — even if it's having a beer with your burger."

Others find that having alcohol on the menu can only lead to dangerous situations. Since people come and go so quickly at these types of restaurants, the effects of drinking fast and getting into a car may pose more risks. Michele Simon, research and policy director of an alcohol industry watchdog group, explains, “You don't want someone downing a quick beer, then getting into their cars and driving off. It's a delicate balance of risk and reward.”

Do you think fast food restaurants should add alcohol to their menus?


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emimorgan   ::  on Jul 05, 2011  

I don't think serving beer and wine at fast food restaurants is any more dangerous than serving it anywhere else.

didama   ::  on Jul 05, 2011  

QSR testing alcohol? Given drive thru nature of these restaurants, you'd think alcohol would be off the menu. Interesting.

jessicamac   ::  on Jul 05, 2011  

I think a beer would taste great with a Big Mac.

m3f1229   ::  on Jul 05, 2011  

Fast food restaurants do not need to supply alcohol. I love a beer or wine once in a while but really-fast food is supposed to mean in and out fast. When you have a alcoholic drink it takes (on average) 30 mins for you to feel the effects. How many people will order wine or beer and then drive home or onto where ever they are going. I saw it will only be offered inside (Burger King & Starbucks) or on the patio (Sonic). I thought our society was supposed to be sending the message to our younger generation to cut back and be responsible. Ryan Dunn and his friend just died a few weeks ago due to alcohol and driving after he was in a restaurant-(drank but did not eat). I do not see this availability will really increase revenue--only people getting jobs will help that.

m3f1229   ::  on Jul 05, 2011  

jessicamac---I know a good number of people agree with you about a beer going great with a big mac. They can do what I have seen done around here-buy your big mac-bring it home-have a beer with it-sit back and relax--knowing you do not have to drive anywhere else. ;)

SpeakingForYou   ::  on Jul 05, 2011  

I don't really like the idea of this. Alot of the fast food restaurants are where teens can afford to go. Although they are not of legal age to purchase alcohol, I would rather not see it served it there.

jean60   ::  on Jul 05, 2011  

i think that is the most horrible thing! when they start serving beer there we will not go there!

Beaniesmom   ::  on Jul 06, 2011  

Will the beer be available at the Drive thru window?

stepsal   ::  on Jul 06, 2011  

I don't really see a problem as long as they aren't serving the beer at the drive thru. I mean I think it is a bit excessive, but if people are going to drink, they are going to drink...whether they go to McDonalds, to a liquor store, or to the bar.

basilandcatnip   ::  on Jul 06, 2011  

Brings up a lot of questions. How old will employees required to be? TABC certifications? etc.

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