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WholeSoy & Co Soy Yogurt

   Soy Yogurt    
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on May 17, 2012   ::  I have tried a lot of vegan yogurt over the years and most of them were terrible, I actually threw them away. This one has the best flavor, we buy the large containers and fight over it until it's gone. Perfect with fresh fruit, granola or in a smoothie.
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on Dec 06, 2011   ::  love that its soy but did not like the flavor its a very strong soy flavor
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on Jan 04, 2011   ::  I love this soy yogurt, and have craved it so much during my pregnancy, I am almost due. As a vegan I reccomend it to everyone, even to non vegans. I love that there are so many flavors available and that I can buy it at my local Safeway. I think the price is too high, about $1.75 per yogurt. Other than the price I IOVE IT SO MUCH! I eat it with granola and fruit, sometimes even with cereal.You can even make a smoothie out of it!
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