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  • Alisenba Alisenba

    It was recently brought to my attention that TOMS are manufactured in China- I was unaware and that strikes me as odd seeing that the whole deal with TOMS is to give to others-- But onto to the actual product- the comfort is there! My daughter loves her TOMS. She really loves her TOMS sandals. They are a little pricey to be such a simple shoe, but they have made getting ready in the morning a little bit easier for me, and for that I am thankful. And they do last surprisingly long for being a canvas shoe. I would rate higher if I had not felt mislead on their message.

  • pilarsviews pilarsviews

    Sad to find out today that TOMS are manufactured in China. Totally did not expect a company with such high ethical standards to have their shoes made in a country that places such a low value on human rights and human life. Came to find that out while chatting with a Customer Service Rep about trying to get a replacement part for my daughter's Bimini. Our dog chewed part of the strap and I contacted them to see if I could purchase a replacement part. Guess what? Since the shoes aren't made here, they don't have any replacement parts. I am so disgusted. I honestly wouldn't be so mad if TOMS was some other amoral company. TOMS leaves the customer, who is essentially helping them do what they do, without any help at all.

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    Love the look...but they fall a part and lose their shape way sooner than you can replace the money for them that you spent. I had one pair and will never buy again. Maybe I will accept them as a gift ...


  • Apolsean By  Apolsean    

    Not only are these shoes light and comfortable, but they are a charity as well! I wear my TOMS almost every Friday teaching, and whenever I will be out walking for long periods of time. They never hurt my feat and are easy to wash.


  • graciec_985 By  graciec_985    

    Very comfortable. Very well made. Very fashionable. Overall a great product


  • ima_lil_galaxy By  ima_lil_galaxy    

    Not sure how people didn't know these were made in China. I have not liked the shoes simply because they are poorly structured and offer no fashionable value to me. I like the mission to give back and provide for other nations, which has nothing to do with where they are manufactured, so if people have been buying them for the mission, they need to reevaluate their spending habits than getting angry at TOMS.


  • Molliegolightly By  Molliegolightly    

    I love Toms. I think the One for One premise is a great way to help those less fortunate than us! As much as I love the idea of Toms, it boils down to one main issue: the quality of their product. I have owned many pairs of Toms and all have met the same bitter fate! Always, a small hole develops over my big toe, then the sides of the shoe start to wear down. Over the course of a couple of months, my brand new shoes turn raggedy and unwearable. If there was more reinforcement inside the shoe itself, I feel this problem could be alleviated. Also, I live in a city with a lot of brick sidewalks. If there is any water on the ground, I start slipping and sliding everywhere! More tread would make this shoe ideal. Overall, great company which could use a few upgrades to their almost perfect product. Ideal for light wear.


  • stephkay By  stephkay    

    These shoes are very comfortable with wonderful prints, the downside after purchasing several pair is that the front of the shoe separates from the sole. I am a mother of thee girls and the brand Bobs, which are very similar to Toms, out last the Toms brand.


  • jillrae By  jillrae    

    These shoes are cheap and fall apart quickly. I will never buy another pair again for my daughter no matter how much she wants them. Thanks god Nordstroms took them back.


  • cflint By  cflint    

    i have owned 3 pairs of toms. I just wish they lasted longer.


  • Amber_Lee By  Amber_Lee    

    Very nice shoes, really comfortable and trendy. make sure you get the right size or they cut your heels


  • RNinTheHouse By  RNinTheHouse    

    TOMS are great for easy peasy, casual shoes. I own four pairs, one of which I've worn holes through. But, they are my most comfortable pair.