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  • Alisenba Alisenba

    It was recently brought to my attention that TOMS are manufactured in China- I was unaware and that strikes me as odd seeing that the whole deal with TOMS is to give to others-- But onto to the actual product- the comfort is there! My daughter loves her TOMS. She really loves her TOMS sandals. They are a little pricey to be such a simple shoe, but they have made getting ready in the morning a little bit easier for me, and for that I am thankful. And they do last surprisingly long for being a canvas shoe. I would rate higher if I had not felt mislead on their message.

  • pilarsviews pilarsviews

    Sad to find out today that TOMS are manufactured in China. Totally did not expect a company with such high ethical standards to have their shoes made in a country that places such a low value on human rights and human life. Came to find that out while chatting with a Customer Service Rep about trying to get a replacement part for my daughter's Bimini. Our dog chewed part of the strap and I contacted them to see if I could purchase a replacement part. Guess what? Since the shoes aren't made here, they don't have any replacement parts. I am so disgusted. I honestly wouldn't be so mad if TOMS was some other amoral company. TOMS leaves the customer, who is essentially helping them do what they do, without any help at all.

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  • sbkaqk By  sbkaqk    

    I absolutely love TOMS! I have been wearing them for a few years now. They are absolutely comfortable and cute! Since I have knee problems, these shoes help a lot, especially when I had tendonitis. TOMS made my legs feel weightless and made me feel as if I was walking on pillows. However, just to clarify, I do not wear Women's TOMS. I prefer to wear Youth TOMS as the Youth size 4 fits me perfectly, I get to wear cute styles for shoes, and I do not have to pay as much for Women's TOMS. All in all, I fully recommend these shoes to anyone and everyone.


  • katiecourtney By  katiecourtney    

    really like these shoes; easy to slip into, give your feet good cushion and coverage, and can be worn in many seasons. For some reason, i have some problems with just one of the shoes rubbing up against the back of my foot and bothering it. Its not cutting the skin or causing blisters, but it is an uncomfortable sensation. I love wearing the shoes, but feel like i have to be careful about how i walk in them


  • Ayyejax By  Ayyejax    

    Comfortable and pricey but when you buy a pair they give a pair to someone in need. Can't go wrong here !


  • mazurr By  mazurr    

    I love love loved my TOMS, I wore them until they were falling apart. They were so comfortable, I wore them all the time to work, especially for those 8 hour shifts where I was standing for most of the day. I definitely need to get another pair because these are the most comfortable and affordable shoes around.


  • askaar By  askaar    

    love my toms only down fall is they run small and i have to order a bigger size :( but love the shoes only think i wear


  • estoeklen By  estoeklen    

    I buy a couple pair every year. They are a very comfortable shoe. Only thing is they don't last much more than a year. The price is reasonable so I will continue to buy and wear them. I am sad to hear they are made in China. And by me buying them helps others makes them even better.


  • tashaprather15 By  tashaprather15    

    I LOVE TOMS! They are very comfortable and last a long time, and they go with about anything. I have a few pairs of them and tend to wear them more than anything else!


  • mscully22 By  mscully22    

    I LOVE the style of these shoes however they are very poorly made, and fall apart/ dont hold their shape very long. Especially for their price.


  • lindsaysuemarks By  lindsaysuemarks    

    Very cool and convenient slip on that donates to a good cause.


  • savannahrenee By  savannahrenee    

    I really do love these shoes,and they are definitely in right now. the only thing is that they stink very bad, and get dirty very easily.