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  • tamaranoble tamaranoble

    they worked ok with my kids. they were shaped easy for handling

  • Chare11 Chare11

    I never liked these bottles! They always leaked everywhere.

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  • Lynnvillamor By  Lynnvillamor    

    My son used these bottles till he turned a year old. So far the best bottles I have used. Gave him less gas and air.


  • MissCastillo6 By  MissCastillo6    

    These bottles were just OK for my son. I did however like the shape of the bottle but it was also very difficult to clean, even with those special bottle cleaners. Especially when you don't have a dishwasher.


  • LKallio By  LKallio    

    I used this brand and style of bottles with both my girls, it was wonderful considering they had really bad gas due to being colicky.


  • ARiggs By  ARiggs    

    Great for colicky or gassy babies! helps vent out the excess air.


  • talleyalyssa11 By  talleyalyssa11    

    Loved these bottles. My daughter was breast fed, when we gave her a bottle of milk, we chose this one! I loved that it had the bend in it to make it easier for feedings.


  • Beautifuldisaster30 By  Beautifuldisaster30    

    I liked these I used them with my kids, great for colic babies


  • cbeck50 By  cbeck50    

    These were the only bottles my daughters would use as an infant. They were convenient and easy to use, the only issue is that they didn't fit into the dish washer very well.


  • Gagurl By  Gagurl    

    I bought my daughter these bottles because my grandson was having gas problems.These are a most have.Redues gas,doesn't leak and doesn't cost a lot.


  • ShannonDaniels By  ShannonDaniels    

    After having two kids, I just knew I would never have another. Many years later, that changed. I had a beautiful baby boy, and I knew from the moment my test read positive, I would be bottle feeding. Breast IS best, but not in my situation. By your third child, you have a pretty darn good idea of what works, and what does not. I'd like to say I'm a pro at going straight to a product that's going to work best for my baby. These are the ONLY bottles I have ever used with my three kids. I lie, I did try once to switch up with my first child, and that only lasted one feeding. I love how these bottles keep my baby from being gassy. I didn't mind the little extra cleaning of the pieces, or the vent holes I have heard some moms fuss about, it was perfect for us. Back in the day, as I like to say, my first child was born in 2004. I took my Mothers advice and used the Playtex drop ins. Those were not bad either. But I was happy to finally see a different style by my second child. Either way it goes, I love this product. I will always recommend this product. And if, that's a MAJOR IF, I ever have another baby, I know which bottle I will be using. :)


  • Sweetbee7 By  Sweetbee7    

    I used these bottles threw 2 of my children. They are great! Really do help with keeping air from baby. Easy for baby to hold. Easy to clean...I could tell a different from how gassy my babies were right when I changed their bottles