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Hint Unsweetened Essence Water

   Unsweetened Essence Wat…    
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on Jun 27, 2013   ::  These drinks have no sugar and no artificial sweeteners added, so if you're expecting this to taste like a soda or juice, then don't bother. If you're expecting water with a squeeze of lemon or blackberry or watermelon, then you will like Hint. It's a significant improvement over regular water without the added chemicals most competitors have. It's fairly expensive, but is available significantly cheaper by the case on Amazon.
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on Apr 18, 2012   ::  I LOVE this water! I like water with just a little flavor to it, and this fits the bill. It doesn't have any artificial sweeteners or sugar, and it tastes so natural, unlike other brands of flavored water. I especially loved it when I was pregnant and had to drink water constantly! :)
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on Sep 15, 2011   ::  I decided to try this in the blackberry flavor because of it had zero calories. The slogan is "drink water, not sugar." Well, it's great that I'm not drinking sugar, but this tastes like the most watered-down flavored anything I have ever tried. I really don't like it and I don't even know if I can finish the bottle. I get the idea of having a "hint" of the taste...but apparently, it needs a much stronger hint!
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