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  • SweetPea83 By  SweetPea83    

    Ucky din din! This mac n cheese was too narsty. Hopefully they got rid of this by now. The cheese sauce if that's what you want to call it... has a weird and nasty flavor. Two thumbs DOWN. I miss the old Dominoes... I love the lava cakes though!! Only new good thing pretty much from them. -_-


  • shelstrat By  shelstrat    

    YUM! YUM!! YUM!!! These are wonderful! There are times when it seems that can skimp of the "extras" but overall between the bread bowl and the pasta there is more than enough.


  • shardesty By  shardesty    

    I was hesitant to try these thinking that the bread bowl would be a mushy mess, but in the end i LOVED it!!! it was way bigger than i was expecting it to be but found myself taking bite after bite even though i was full just because it was so good. i am thankful that the closest dominos doesnt deliver to my neighborhood and is kind of out of the way because i would more than likely get one at least once a week.


  • PunkyNVS By  PunkyNVS    

    I love the chicke alfredo bowl! It makes two or three large meals for me. The only downside is that is is kinda greasy on the bottom. I try not to get them too often because of the amount of carbs, but it is a great splurge!


  • AnnaJane By  AnnaJane    

    Wow . . . the whole concept of this product is just so wrong to me. It's definitely not Atkins-friendly. I try for no more than one starch per meal; pasta and bread (and it looks like a whole lot of bread) together in one dish does not work for me. I guess it's a carb-lovers dream, though (hence all the positive reviews?).


  • BeccaBaby83 By  BeccaBaby83    

    I tried the mac and cheese bread bowl. The pasta was alright. Lot's of bread. If you lifted the bread bowl up, there was so much grease left on the plate. Yuck! Not healthy.


  • megengildon By  megengildon    

    These are sooooo good! I ordered one at work a few weeks ago and ate on it for a couple days; it is A LOT of food. My husband and I have ordered them twice since then and will probably get another one soon...


  • bmcgeorge By  bmcgeorge    

    i love dominos and would love to try this!


  • andikern1 By  andikern1    

    I went to the dominos in my area when they had a free bread bowl for that day for about 4 hours. They are pretty decent size for the money. They start at $5.99 depending on which flavor you get.



    Have been curious about these, so thanks for the info!! We are going to try one this week!