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  • SunnyDaise By  SunnyDaise    

    I love theses socks! I always end up getting them from my mom for the holidays :) They are suuuuper soft and stay soft for quite a long time after many washes. But they do eventually lose their super softness and just become plush socks. I always get them at Wal Mart and they are very cheap, just a couple dollars.


  • IDJmomofthree By  IDJmomofthree    

    I bought these as a stocking stuffer for my mom & she loves them. She always puts lotion on her feet with socks but with these didnt need to. So they help hold moisture in without making feet sweaty its like socks with invisable lotion good for the feet!


  • cdbram By  cdbram    

    I love how these socks make my feet feel.


  • momramsey By  momramsey    

    Absolutely love these socks, and on a recent trip to Walmart, I discovered that they now make aloe infused gloves, as well. My husband has horribly dry skin and smelly feet. We have taken to using avocado oil to moisturize them and then at night he wears these socks to bed to help moisturize his feet. Since he started using these socks, his feet have retained more moisture and do not have that dreaded smell. I bought the gloves, and I have to say that they work as well as the socks. Now that we have hit frigid temperatures, I have been wearing them every day, and my hands are also soft and smooth. The only downside to the socks is that they come in bright and pretty colors, preventing my husband from ever wearing them anywhere but bed. Wish they came in a solid black.


  • twentythree23 By  twentythree23    

    absolutely LOVE these, have purchased at least a dozen and given them as gifts in gifts baskets along with other cosmetic and spa type products...each recepient now loves these as much as I do, and several have requested them again if I should make them another "Love Me" basket


  • barbara_wllms By  barbara_wllms    

    These are awesome and make great gifts! I've bought several and they are much more reasonable priced then the ones you'd find at Bath & Body works!


  • hfengland By  hfengland    

    I'm actually wearing a pair of these right now! They truly are as soft and cozy as they look even after many trips through the washing machine!


  • electra_mama By  electra_mama    

    I wore these while I was in the hospital having my first baby. They are so cozy!


  • bootyemo By  bootyemo    

    wow, this sounds really awesome!


  • SiLvEr-StArS By  SiLvEr-StArS    

    Sound So nice and cozy, hope they come in dif' colors. I would love to get a few of these socks. The price is right.