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Add These Items to Your Cart Right Now for the Ultimate Vacation

on Jun 16, 2023: A good neck pillow is essential for overnight flights. A slash proof bag that also has a secure clasp to guard against pickpocketing is very very useful in many locales. Travelon has many good stylish options that I love. Keeping valuables locked up in a locked bag or mini safe is good to have …

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Suns Out! Here are 4 Innovative Swimsuit Brands for Summer

on Jun 16, 2023: Londre's website shows innovative and unique patterns and styling. A place where I would shop, especially being eco-friendly!! Girlfriend Collective does not look innovative and especially with the high pricing, not sure where they will find a following or become popular. Knix has a great idea, …

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How Women Define Self-Worth & What Makes Us Happy

on Jun 16, 2023: I agree that what our parents tell us growing up impacts us greatly. They are our role models and everything they tell us sticks in our brain, for the rest of our lives. Thus since my mother valued physical appearance, having a career, being a good mom, having high achievements, reaching perfect…