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The Summer Food Guide

on Nov 05, 2009: On my way to the store and just added feta, peaches and watermelon to the list. Yum!

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Guiltless Gourmet: Save Money, Savor Flavor

on Nov 05, 2009: You can also bake a chicken in a bundt pan - I like the clay ones but the metal ones work too. Legs down, pour a little liquid - OJ and lemonade are wonderful but stock, veggie juice are good too. The chicken bastes itself and it is so juicy and never dry. Fat drains down into the liquid and is…

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Three Wine Faux-Pas to Avoid

on Nov 05, 2009: Not a wine drinker, if I was I would be adding the ice. Specifically to dilute the taste. The info on holding the glass and not filling it to the top is good to know and can be good for things other than wine. I am with Hollysmom - Live, Love, Laugh and drink whatever you like however you like …