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Movie WALL-E

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Aug 19, 2021 : Funny, enjoyable, cute. As an adult, I totally enjoyed this movie. It struck all the right notes.

Lu Pim's Milk Chocolate Biscuit Cookie

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Mar 24, 2021 : What a delicious, comforting biscuit. The chocolate is excellent. This is a very tasty combinati…

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Spice Up Your Sandwiches with Ball Park Buns & Takis

on Sep 11, 2021: I would probably crush them on top.
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Sleep Better, Shine Better! Enter our giveaway

on Sep 11, 2021: I would wake up refreshed instead of tired all the time.  I could clean my house without being exhausted.  I could play with my kitties so they wouldn't be bored.  There's so much to do.
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New Must-See Films For Movie Lovers

on Aug 19, 2021: I am looking forward to The Suicide Squad.  I thought the first one was very good.
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