Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray

Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray

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Secret Weapon for Laundry stains This is an amazing product for dishes but I use it to get the grease stains out of my children's clothes and it works wonders!! I have an extra bottle in my laundry room and I pre treat the stains and throw it into the wash. The clothes come out grease stain free! I tell everyone about it.

Pull this out for the tough jobs! Excellent for the grit and grime, it?s become and absolutely staple in my kitchen. Wonderful for hard and dried on food particles, just spray wait a few minutes then wipe away with no fuss. For the amount of product given I can?t recommend for quick or jobs jobs, but Sunday cooking, weekly meal prep, large family dinners? Yeah you are going to want this.

A Must have for all kitchens My go to soap!!!!!! I absolutely love the smell, and it's mess free so, what's not to love !

It's ok smells good, does help get grease off my air fryer pan but prefer to use traditional dish soap.

BEST SOAP EVER! This is the greatest soap I have ever used. No scrubbing needed and the smell is phenominal. I use it everywhere: kitchen, bathroom, outside, cleaning shoes, etc

I love this stuff! I use this for various purposes, not just dishes, It's great for cleaning grease from stove and microwave.

Less and Easier Scrubbing Easy to use and works great. I don't have to scrub as hard or as long. It's a time saver and manual labor saver. The hard part about using such a good cleaner is not wasting it on cleaning items that don't need it.

It Gets the Job Done With Ease! Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray has quickly become my choice in dish washing formulas, because of the performance, ease, & convenience. It's powerful in getting any tough job done and all I have to do is aim and spray! In addition, they have a few varieties to choose from depending on your preferences. They all work great!

Amazing product! Dawn Planitum Power Wash Spray is now my go-to at the kitchen sink. So convenient, easy to use, and it really works!

Original? I hate to say I like the original stuff better, but I do. Takes way to long to get grease off of everything. It's a cool delivery system but that's it.

GOOD STUFF AND IT WORKS My 93 yr old mother bought this and she has told ever body how great it is. Of course I bought and it really does a great job.

Love it ! The dawn dish spay that is!! I love this dish soap it instantly gets soapy and stays that way. You do not have yo use a lot and it really does what it says. Great for greasey dishes especially.

New Dawn Foam Spray is a Brilliant Invention This product is a game changer for saving my nails from getting ruined. A simple spray and soak then a rinse is all that's needed. What took so long for this brilliant invention?

Speedy and Easy I can't believe how well this works. It's speedy and cleans great. Make dish-washing really easy to do.

Great for cutting thru grease and grime I love this dish soap - it cuts thru grease and grim like it is nothing. It is also safe to use with the rescue animals. Highly recommend!