Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray

Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray

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Love the spray option Great for those pots and pans that need to be sprayed on the sides and left to soak for a few minutes. Easy to use and an all time favorite brand that you can't go wrong with.

My mom told me about this and I bought my own. I love it. Mama knows best.

A Wonderful Product! I love Dawn! It is very easy on my hands. It's amazing. it cleans very vell.

LOVE this product. Easy application and easy clean up and they spray feature is by far my favorite part

Barely use the dishwasher anymore! One spray of this on my sponge or pan and it gets the job done so fast! Bye bye dishwasher!

Love!!! This cuts my scrubbing time in half. I also use it to clean my sticky wall behind the stove. finally a product that delivers what it promises.

Workhorse for the Dishes This stuff works! All you have to do is spray the foam onto the dish and let it sit a few minutes and then wash it off. It gets the greasiness of really well, and also does all the work for you so you don't have to scrub using all your elbow grease. I appreciate that Dawn cam up with this product, especially for those dishes that are not dishwasher safe.

Dawn really stepped it?s game up! I normally use regular Dawn dish soap, but I wanted to see what all the hype was about. I am so happy I did! I have these old pans I love but they are losing their ?nonstick? so making scrambled eggs means lots of scrubbing. I sprayed and let it sit for about 30 second and everything wiped away!!! I wanted to actually make sure there was a difference so I added a little water to my regular dawn and tried using the sprayer and it left me scrubbing up eggs. Dawn really stepped it?s game up with this soap, I?m never going back!

Love love love! Goodbye dish soap! This dawn spray soap is all mighty powerful! This stuff works like no other soap I have used before! I love to use it with anything greasy, I mean this stuff is just magical!

Gets tough jobs done If you think regular dawn dish detergent works great, you'll live this! Gets tough jobs clean without having to put a lot of elbow grease into it. I highly recommend this product!

A game changer for pots and pans I always wash my pots and pans last so that I have plenty of space to spray this and scrub with it. It works great at breaking up all the stuck on food and grease. I use a regular sponge and it really leaves no trace of mess. It smells good too!

Delivers What it promises. This cuts my scrubbing time in half. I also use it to clean my sticky wall behind the stove. finally a product that delivers what it promises.

great for your dishwashing needs I like this as to get really tough stains and food residue off my dishes.

Excellent performance on the worst stuck-on messes. Cuts through crud on oven windows. Thick foam stays where you spray it.

Very Good Love this product It gets that slimy sheen off of your plastic ware and i have the green apple scent and it smells wonderful