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A Woman's Right to Push

on Jun 22, 2007: Ladies we must all remember that no matter how your child arrives into this world, VBAC or C-section, the outcome is the same...we become mothers to a precious gift. I had an emergency C-section with my first child due to complications at 25 weeks. When i became pregnant w/ my 2nd i wanted a VBAC…

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Female as athlete: Doomed to second class citizenship?

on May 09, 2007: I work for an organization where 9 out of 10 times, I will be the only female military officer in the room. I have led and trained Soldiers to fight and have successfullty held a command. Yet, i am still considered just "a girl" and i still hear "no, you don't want that", "i wonder what she did …

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Stuff we love!

on May 08, 2007: Easy read...exciting and kept me glued even after working a 16 hour shift. Can't wait for the rest.