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#12DaysOfSheSpeaks Day 12: Awaken Your Senses with the Saeco Espresso Machine Giveaway

on Dec 16, 2016: HAPPY HEALTHY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoy some dark roast coffee with some some pumpkin creamer i may put a shot of rum if its a weekend night relaxing after my son is asleep to wind down. @Lovesportsmom on twitter

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How-to get a flawless face w/ makeup corrector + #SheSpeaksTV Tarte giveaway!

on Mar 22, 2016: Beauty is CONFIDENCE if makeup makes you feel more pretty go for it! I love to have blush, eyeshadow makes me feel so feminine and happy!

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Turn Lemons into Sponges - and a $100 Gift Card Giveaway!

on Mar 22, 2016: Love using baking soda to manage stains and love that i can buy at at an affortable price!