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Nabisco Chips Ahoy Fudge Bites

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Cheerios Honey Nut Cheerios Snack Mix

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Thirteen Ways to Avoid Toxic Groceries

on Nov 17, 2009: When I'm in a rush, I always microwave my food in the container or a plastic bowl. I'll now stop doing this! I agree with sourgrapes81 that popping your own popcorn is better, I'm starting to do this now and it's a lot of fun and a lot cheaper.

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Behind the Scenes At SheSpeaks

on Aug 30, 2008: This site is definitely influential! When I first joined I thought I was only going to use this site as a method to see if products I was interested in were good and to receive free stuff. Now, I use the site as a way to express my opinion about products and to share them with all my friends who a…