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Kaitlyn Bristowe Admits She fell For the 'Ultimate Instagram Fakeout' Dress

on Mar 15, 2020: As an of 40 shopper, I think this has more to do with society's( i.e. millenials) prefernce for fast fashion. We now live in a quick fix society, where there is no balance of quality & affordability. When you had to actually go into the store, which signaled to designers/manufacturere'…

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#MayDaysGiveaways: Happy Mother's Day! Enter to Win a Kiehl's Beauty Set & $50 Spafinder Gift Card

on May 08, 2019: Having lot two of the most amazing women in my family just before the new year, I am so very grateful to still have my mom. My desire this Mother's Day is to spend a beautiful day of church service, brunch , gardening and laughing at any & everything until our stomachs hurt. Moms are earthbound an…

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Why You Should Makeover Your Makeup & Enter the Sephora Gift Card Giveaway

on Sep 28, 2018: As I sit here nursing a rash that has my face on fire from foundation past it's prime, As a blogger that receives makeup and such by mail, I tend to hold onto foundations the longest. I've never noticed or paid attention to this being a problem, but I am now proof positive, I'm going to have to to…