Kaitlyn Bristowe Admits She fell For the 'Ultimate Instagram Fakeout' Dress

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 02.24.20
Kaitlyn Bristowe Admits She fell For the 'Ultimate Instagram Fakeout' Dress
Image: Kaitlyn Bristowe/Instagram
If you’ve ever fallen in love with a cute outfit on an Instagram sponsored ad and figured why not risk it and make the purchase, then you may relate to Kaitlyn Bristowe’s recent fashion dilemma. After seeing a beautiful dress she just had to have on an Instagram ad, Bristowe opened her purse and made the order. But what came in the mail wasn’t exactly what she paid for.

Today reports about the former Bachelorette’s Insta-mishap and how she used before and after photos to show the world what a sucker she had been. The dress Bristow saw in the sponsored Instagram ad had a beautiful dusty rose tulle skirt and an intricate delicately beaded sheer top. What she received in the mail was basically what looks like a pink cotton dress thrown together by a child.

While posing in the dress she received, Bristowe captions her Instagram photo saying “This grandma dress is what came in the mail. It literally is like a grandma material — no offense to all my grandmas out there — it doesn’t fit nice at all. This is a size 0 and it’s not even hugging me. It’s like the cheapest material. It’s already fraying at the bottoms. I fell for it!”

In a comparison shot of herself vs the dress she thought she ordered, Bristowe writes “Such intricate beading vs zero f—in beads.” At the very least, it seems like she is getting a laugh out of an order that went terribly wrong. She writes, “I’m dying, Don’t they know that people are going to get this dress and be like, ‘Wait. This is nothing like the one that was in the picture?”

The company responsible for the “ultimate Instagram fakeout” dress is called Keep Fay and has not responded to requests for comment. As to whether or not Bristowe might fall for a scam like this one again, she’s not holding her breath. She writes, “Will I learn from this fashion tragedy? Probably not.”

What do you think of Bristowe’s dress-ordering mishap?

Have you gotten lucky when ordering clothing from an Instagram sponsored ad?

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  • RebeccaE By RebeccaE

    Well that does not look like the same dress. It looks like two competely different dresses. I have made an order for apparel on instagram but cancelled it so I never had the experience. Doesnt give me the feeling of ordering from instagram photos either. 

  • Shounda0514 By Shounda0514

    That's horrible

  • AngelsOpinion By AngelsOpinion

    As an of 40 shopper, I think this has more to do with society's( i.e. millenials) prefernce for fast fashion. We now live in a quick fix society, where there is no balance of quality & affordability. When you had to actually go into the store, which signaled to designers/manufacturere's that people would be touching, inspecting....store buyers had to look at it first...the game was totally different. Unfortunately, I don't think this trend is going anywhere anytime soon.

  • Fountains777 By Fountains777

    Lol! This happened to me! I ordered something online and i had to throw it out. Horrible!

  • GlammorMomma By GlammorMomma

    A lot of stuff comes from China & looks beautiful but I have found 4 issues with ordering from websites like shein. #1 the stuff runs really small! I'm not fat but I'm not as skinny as I was years ago. I'm a size large most of the time with hoodies,  jackets, tunics etc I want   bigger so I go to an XL. But I need a size XXXXL when buying from China sometimes even that size is snug. #2 the clothing looks better & more expensive online than in person. Sometimes the stuff comes & the material is thin & cheap. #3 you get something that kinda looks like an odd version of what you saw online. Like what happened to Katlyn. #4 you have to wait a longer for your order & because people have to wait
    longer than ordering from the US & the stuff is not very expensive people don't want to waste their time making a return that being said I found some amazing deals and items buying from China. 

  • jreagan By jreagan

    Is the risk worth it? I have this outcome all the time:(

  • emimorgan By emimorgan

    I saw her posting this on IG and it was HILARIOUS. 

  • SunshineBee By SunshineBee

    Those dresses are always too good to be true! Makes a good laugh though! 

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