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How much time do you take for yourself to get ready (dressed, hair, makeup and jewelry) in the morning?

When you consider this question for yourself, you may think "in comparison to" who or when? For example, remember how long it took your mom to do her hair and make-up before she took you to school all those years ago (and wasn't a re-application of lipstick a must before entering the grocery store?). Another comparison point might depend on whether or not you were in an urban, suburban or rural setting. City-living women tend to prioritize outward appearance a bit more, as they've got a lot of inspiration for looking their absolute best on those bustling sidewalks.

I'm in the low maintenance morning prep category myself. Since I work from home, the main thing to accomplish is getting dressed and having breakfast in a timely manner so my dog and I can get a good morning, pre-work walk in. By getting an easier "wash & wear" haircut, taking showers at night, and so on, I think I've got it down.

How are things different for today's women? As you've gotten older, become a mom or just gained comfort in your natural "look," how has your morning routine changed?

1-19 mins|I'm low maintenance. I have to be. (27.8%)

20-30 mins|I like feeling like I'm starting the day on the right track. (41.5%)

31 to 60 mins|I give extra time to my hair and makeup, because "I'm worth it." (28.2%)

More than 60 mins|I may be going off the deep end, but I really enjoy my morning ritual. (2.5%)

How much time do you ta…
  • jemappel By jemappel
    on Jun 08, 2007  

    It takes me over 1/2 hr to get ready, even without doing any makeup or anything to my hair (I just brush and go). I've always been just as lazy as I am now! I think rural women care about looks just as much - even more maybe - because they're more likely to run into someone they know while urban women can blend into the crowd.

  • larrylk By larrylk
    on Jun 08, 2007  

    I feel as though the better you look and take care of your self the better you feel and people feel toward you !!!

  • bythebay By bythebay
    on Jun 08, 2007  

    it varies on how much i press the snooze button! some days it is a full hour (20 min just drying my hair alone) and some times 30 mins which is just putting my hair in a pony without a shower! i guess I take my time no matter how much effort i put in.

  • teresahosner By teresahosner
    on Jun 09, 2007  

    if i look good then i feel good. so i think everyone should start the day off right.

  • RoyalT By RoyalT
    on Jun 09, 2007  

    I don't meditate any more but my morning ritual is sometimes similar. I have my best ideas in the shower so I always try to take a few extra minutes. I now find it hard to start my day without a refreshing shower. Make-up for me is often without a mirror and v little thought, but when I can make the time it definitely makes me feel a little more put together and ...confident.

  • Preesi By Preesi
    on Jun 09, 2007  

    Teeth, Hair, nasal irrigation, spray and Claritin, wash face, lipstick and a comfy yet cute outfit and Im ready. I dont use anything BUT lipstick.

  • sagerizzie By sagerizzie
    on Jun 09, 2007  

    Summertime holds a much quicker routine, I hardly put on any makeup and I can let my hair air dry. Once it start to get colder, then it's moisturizer, make-up base, etc to protect my skin from the cold. I have long hair so to blow dry takes forever. Thank goodness for the wonderful sun to give my face natural makeup!

  • Chrisb4 By Chrisb4
    on Jun 09, 2007  

    I take a short shower,comb my hair,brush my teath,moisterize,put on deoderant and get dressed.I don not wear any make-up or use perfume.

  • BoogiesMom0515 By BoogiesMom0515
    on Jun 09, 2007  

    I take a long bath at night and shave my legs wash my hair, and moisturise everything so when I get up in the morning I can shower quick get out brushout my hair put on makeup , clothes perfume and go... my makeup routine has been the same for 10 years just the colors change and I was a makeup artist at macys so I can do it in my sleep and make it look like it took two hours LOL so in total it takes me like 30 mins to get out the door..

  • didama By didama
    on Jun 09, 2007  

    I've never been the kind of gal to take my time getting ready. I like to be as efficient as possible. It annoys me when I take longer than 20 minutes to get ready. I'd rather spend the extra time doing something else. Crazy?