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Agloves Touch Screen Gloves

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Nov 01, 2011 : Agloves are great! I got them for some friends last year for Christmas, and they loved them. The…

Two Little Hands Productions Signing Time D…

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Jul 14, 2011 : I love signing times. We have about 15 Signing Time videos. My kids learned the signs, and I lov…

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Artist's Plans to Display Leaked Celebrity Photos In Florida Gallery

on Sep 08, 2014: It is EVIL that this "artist" is going to display the photos. There needs to be a law against that. Without blaming the victim, the fact is that one of the reasons the perpetrator got access to the photos is because of weak passwords on the celebrities' wasn't really 'hacking.' So…
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Is Barbie a Good Role Model For Girl Scouts?

on Jul 29, 2014: For many years now Girl Scouts seems to be more about promoting themselves and being a business rather than doing anything substantive for girls. My daughter does it, but just for social reasons. I think she gets a lot more confidence and values from her sports and religion classes than from Gir…
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Can This App Really Reduce Food Waste?

on Jun 02, 2014: This is great. Everything that saves food can help. A lot of food waste is consumer-driven. People won't buy imperfect-looking food and they won't buy food based on the date on the label...but a lot of the dates are not really "expiry" dates. People are working with food companies to change ho…
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